TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer Electrical (PART-A) Question Paper & Key Held on 22-11-2015

Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited TSSPDCL conducted a written test for the recruitment of Assistant Engineer AE (Electrical) on 22nd November 2015. TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer Key & Question Paper is available now. Candidates those who have appeared for the TSSPDCL AE Recruitment 2015 Exam can check the Answer Keys of Set-A, Set-B , Set-C, Set-D from the links given below.

TSSPDCL  AE 2015 Electrical Question Paper consists of

  • Part-A: Electrical Subject - 80 Questions
  • Part-B: General Studies & General Abilities - 20 Questions

TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer AE 2015 Official Answer Key will be published soon by TSSPDCL on official website: http://tsgsouthernpower.cgg.gov.in.

TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer Key & AE Question Paper 2015

TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer AE Electrical 2015 exam held on 22-11-2015.

Click here for TSSPDCL Assistant Engineer AE 2015 Question Paper (Booklet Code - A)

Click here for TSSPDCL AE Key 2015 (Electrical)

Click here for Part -B: General Studies & General Abilities Key

Part -A: TSSPDCL AE Electrical Engineering Questions & Answers

1. The number of poles of 8/6 stepper motor can be:

  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • 7

2. Identify the increasing order of voltage regulation of the following DC Generators at same load

  • differential compound, shunt and under compound
  • shunt, differential compound and under compound
  • under compound, differential compound and shunt
  • shunt, under compound and differential compound

3. For selecting a circuit breaker, _____ should be determined

  • a. initial current that flows on occurrence of short circuit only
  • b. transient current that flows at the time of circuit interruption only
  • c. resonant frequency only
  • d. a & b

4. An astable multi vibrator has

  • two quasi stable states
  • one quasi stable state
  • two stable states
  • no stable state

5. At full load of transformer, the iron l0ss and copper loss are 3000W and 4000W respectively. Then total loss at maximum efficiency is

  • 7000W
  • 6000W
  • 8000W
  • 4000W

6. A solar pond is a combination of

  • solar energy storage and heat collection
  • solar energy collection and heat storage
  • solar energy collection and energy storage
  • all the above

7. Choose the incorrect choice from the following

As load torque increases, speed of ____ motor decreases

  • dc Series
  • dc shunt
  • dc cumulative compound
  • dc differential compound

8. A Current controlled voltage source is equivalent to

  • series voltage feed-back amplifier
  • shunt current feed-back amplifier
  • shunt voltage feed-back amplifier
  • series current feed-back amplifier

9. If Poisson's Ratio of a resistance wire strain gauge is 1.8 then neglecting piezo-resistive effects, its gauge factor is

  • 2.8
  • 2.6
  • 4.6
  • 3.6

10. IDMT relays are used to protect the transformer against

  • internal short circuits
  • open circuits
  • external short circuits
  • oil leakage

11. Resistance grounding is normally used for

  • High voltage long over head transmission lines
  • Low voltage short over head transmission lines
  • Extra high voltage long over head transmission lines
  • All the above

12. In CRO, during retrace time the electron beam travel____________from__________ of the screen

  • Dialonally, top left to bottom right
  • Vertically, top to bottom
  • Horizontally, right to left
  • Vertically, bottom to top

13. The power factor of dielectric

  1. Is a function of temperature of the dielectric only
  2. Depends only on voltage stress to rich the dielectric is stressed
  3. Always constant
  4. Both A & B

14. Theft of electricity is dealt in ___________of indian electricity rules

  • Section 134
  • section 135
  • section 136
  • section 137

15. A differentiator is not usually used in control system, because it

  • Reduces damping
  • Increase error
  • Reduces gain margin
  • Increases input noise

16. The diagonal elements of a nodal admittance matrix or strengthened by adding

  • Shunt capacitors
  • Shunt inductances
  • Generators
  • Resistive loads

17. In a 3-phase alternator,  if there is only magnetizing armature reaction, the load is

  • Capacitive
  • Inductive
  • Resistive
  • Inductive & Resistive

18.  For measurement of radio frequency AC signals_________type meter is used

  • Thermo couple
  • Electro static
  • Electro dynamo meter
  • Rectifier

19. When diameter and thickness of diaphragm of a pressure sensing unit are doubled, the it's natural frequency will

  • be doubled
  • Remains same
  • be quadrupled
  • be halved

20.  A transformer operates 24 hours day at full load. It's full load efficiency is

  • Equal all day efficiency
  • More than all day efficiency
  • Less than all day efficiency
  • Equal to maximum efficiency
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