TSPSC Group 2 Telangana Movement Question Paper Key 13.11.2016 Pdf

Telangana Movement Question Paper Key 2016 - Telangana Public Service Commission TSPSC conducted TSPSC Group 2 Paper IV Telangana Movement and State Formation exam on 13 November 2016. TSPSC Group 2 Telangana Movement Question Paper with Answers Key is available now. Candidates can also download TSPSC Group 2 Telangana Movement Question Paper Key in PDF format from the link given below.

Telangana Movement Question Paper Key 13.11.2016

TSPSC Group 2 Paper IV: Telangana Movement Questions Answers

Paper Code: 204

Series: BC

1.First Principal of Nizam College - Dr. Aghorenath Chattopadhyay (father of Sarojini Naidu, Nightingale of India)

2.Name of the Railways operated during Nizam’s rule - Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway

3.The famous Nirmal Toys aremade with the following wood variety – Softwood

4.The name 'Naxalite' is derived from - a village name Naxalbari in West Bengal

5.The police firing on Tribals in 1981 took place in Adilabad district in - Indravelli

6.From which constituency was BJP Leader C. Janga Reddy elected to the Lok Sabha in 1984 - Hanmakonda

7.which was the assembly constituency represented by Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao in 1952 when he became the chief Minister - Shadnagar

8.What is the meaning of the urdu word 'RAZAKARS' - Voluntary Servants

9.who organized the campaign "Go To Villages" during 1970s - Radical Students Union

10.who among the following Hyderabad born politician become the President of India - Dr. Zakir Hussain

11.The split group of CPI(ML) that was formed under the leadership of Koora Rjanna - Jana shakti

12.In 1978, there was a massive rally in Jagithyala called "Jaithra Yatra". what was it related to - Farm Labourers

13. The Gadwal Fort was constructed during the rule of - Raja Somanadri

14. The first meeting of the TRS formed in 2001 took place at which Place - Jala Drushyam

15.Which of the following systems was abolished in the year 1983 in the State of Andhra Pradesh ? - Patel-Patwari System

16. Who was the Chief Minister who campaigned by saying that "Naxalites are the only Patriots' and "My Agenda is the Naxalites Agenda" ? – N.T.Rama Rao

17. The official name given to the scheme of distributing the liquor through packets introduced by the TDP Government in 1983 was – Varuni Vahini

18.Which of the following Districts  does not have a declared Scheduled area ? - Nizamabad

19. The name of the guest house which houses presently the Administrative staff college of India in Hyderabad is – Bella Vista

20. Name of the public sector company established by the last Nizam which was closed by the Govt. of AP headed by Chandrababu Naidu? - Alwyn

21. The street schools run privately during the Nizam's rule were called? - Khangi

22. Name the Occupation for which large number of people from Karimnagar -Nizamabad Districts migrated to Sholapur and Bhiwandi in 1950s - Handlooms

23. The BJP Member of Parliament who worked along with KCR in the Movement of Telangana was - A. Narendra

24. "Rythu Seva Samithi" formed to prevent suicides by farmers in Andhra Pradesh, was started in the district of  - Warangal

25. who founded "Jal Sadhana Samithi" to fight against injustice in water allocation to Nalgonda district resulting in Flourosis problem? - Dusharla Sathyanarayana

26. Which leader of the Telangana Peasants Armed Stuggle presided over the 'Bhuvanagiri Sabha' in 1977 ? - Jaini Mallaiah Gupta

27. Which Organisation founded a Newspaper by name "Maa Telangana" in 1980s - Telangana Information Trust

28. In which year was the 'Kakinada Sadassu' of BJP held to resolve 'One Vote Two States' - 1998

29. The congress party which forged an alliance with the TRS in 2004, stated in its Manifesto as under - "we respect the views of the first SRC on Telangana Issue "

30. The aim of the Telangana Maha Sabha was - Formation of the state by Dalits and Bahujans

31. which of the organization formed in New York in 1999 by the Pro-Telangana NRIs - Telangana Development Forum

32. What was the issue contained in clause 14-F of the Presidential Order - To consider Hyderabad as Free Zone for appointment of Police Officers

33. The mandate of the J. M. Girglani commission appointed in 2001 was to - look into the injustice done in the implementation of G. O. Ms. 610 and to sort out the anal notes

34. The "Maha Kootami" formed during the 2009 General Elections consisted of the following political parties - TDP, TRS, CPI and CPI(M)

35. Who formed the 'Dalit Bahujan Mahasabha' in Telangana - Maroju Veeranna

36. The subject in which the Telangana JAC chairman M.Kodandaram was a professor in Osmania University - Political Science

37. How many Statues on Tank Bund were demolished in March 2011 during the Million March - 16

38. Out of the 32 Statues of Telugu pride originally installed on Tank Bund, how many were from Telangana - 8

39. Who among the following is associated with the Telangana Praja Front - Veda Kumar

40. The police firing on Peoples rally at Bashirbagh took place, in connection with - Power Tariff Hike

41. Who was the lady movement leader who faced the allegation of destroying the statue of Kasu Brahmanada Reddy in Jubilee Hills during the Tealangana agitation in 2012 - Vimalakka

42. The condition imposed by the TRS which won the 2004 Elections, to join the UPA government was - To add Telangana in the Common Minimum Progamme

TSPSC Telangana Movement Question Paper Key Pdf

Click here For TSPSC Group 2 Telangana Movement Question Paper 2016 Pdf

Click here For TSPSC Group 2 Telangana Movement Question Paper Key Pdf

Telangana Movement Question Paper Key

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