TSPSC Secretarial Abilities 7 October 2018 Question Paper Key


TSPSC  Secretarial Abilities 7 October 2018  Question Paper Key – Telangana Public service commission TSPS Cconducted Combined& common Examination for the Posts of Group 4 services on 7 October 2018 . Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TSPSC  Secretarial Abilities 7 October 2018  Question Paper. We also provide TSPSC  Secretarial Abilities 7 October 2018  Answers Key here.

TSPSC  Secretarial Abilities 7 October 2018  Question Paper Key

Candidate should note that Each set of the Question Paper will have same questions in jumbled order.

Paper I.  Secretarial Abilities

150 questions: 150 Marks: Time 150 Minutes

  • Find out the right one in place of ? TBLD, VEPI, XHTN. ? ( ZJVP)
  • In Certain coding method the word QUESTION is enclosed as RTGQWFSJ, What is the Code word for the word RESPONSE ? (SDUNRKWA)
  • If Odometer is to speed as Compass is to? (Direction)
  • Find out the next number in the following series 1, 1, 5, 49, 11, 169, 19 ? (361)
  • Find out the next number in the following series 45678912, 5678912, 567891? (678912)
  • In A, B, C, D…..XYZ (26 letters series) Which is the 6th letter to the left of 9th letter from the right end? (L)
  • Find out the next number in the following series: 0, 2, 3, 4, 8, 8, 15, 14? (24)
  • Sunitha started from her hose towards south. After covering 12 km, She turned her left and travelled a distance of 5 km, what is the shortest distance now from her house? (13 km)

TSPSC  Secretarial Abilities  Questions & Answers key

  • Introducing a person, a lady said, “He is the son of the brother of mother of my father”. How is the person related to the lady ? (Cousin)
  • The Calendar of the year 2018 will be the same for which of the following year? (2029)
  • If area of a square shaped plot is 18,225 square metres, what iis the length of diagonal of the plot (approx) ? (125 metres)
  • What was the day of the week on 8th October, 2004? (Wednesday)
  • There are 40 people in the group. If all shake hands with one another, how many handshakes are possible? (800)
  • A 500 metres long train with 90 kmph speed crosses a bridge in 90 seconds. What is the length of Bridge? (2,150 meters)
  • The ratio between Circumferences of a square and circle is 7:11. What is the ratio of areas of the square and circle? (49:88)
  • Rakesh rank 15th in the classs of 42 students below rajesh rank. How many students are there between Rakesh and Rajesh? (19)
  • If the UNIVERSITY is released and in the reversed word third and sixth letters are interchanged, What is sixth letter from the left ? (R)

TSPSC 7 October 2018 Full Question Paper with KEY

TSPSC  Secretarial Abilities 7 October 2018  Syllabus

Section-I:  Secretarial Abilities

1) Mental Ability. (Verbal and non-verbal) 2) Logical Reasoning. 3) Comprehension. 4) Re-arrangement of sentences with a view to improving analysis of a passage. 5) Numerical and Arithmetical abilities.


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