TSPSC General Knowledge 7 October 2018 Question Paper Key


TSPSC General Knowledge 7 October 2018 Question Paper Key – Telangana Public service commission TSPSC conducted Combined& common Examination for the Posts of Group 4 services on 7 October 2018. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TSPSC General Knowledge 7 October 2018 Question Paper. We also provide TSPSC General Knowledge 7 October 2018 Answers Key here.

TSPSC General Knowledge 7 October 2018 Question Paper Key

Candidate should note that Each set of the Question Paper will have same questions in jumbled order.

Paper I. General Knowledge

150 questions: 150 Marks: Time 150 Minutes

  • Who is regarded as father of local self Government in India ?

1 ) Lord Dalhousie

2)  Lord Ripon

3)  Lord Bentinck

4) Lord Wellesely

  • Which countries with which the united states of America resumed diplomatic ties 3 years ago?

1)  Pakistan

2) Iraq

3) Iran

4) cuba

  • Who will act for president when there is Vacancy in the post of president and vice president?

1) Prime minister

2) Speaker of lok sabha

3) Chief justice of India

4) Nominee of chief justice in India

  • Who Among the Following Presided Over the first Meeting of the constituent assembly on the basis of seniority?

1) DR   B.R. Ambedkar

2) Rajendra Prasad

3) Vallabhbhai patel

4) Sachidhanandha sinha

  • The first stage to pass the `right To Information Act’ were

1) Delhi and Haryana

2) Karnataka and Kerla

3) Rajasthan and Maharastra

4) Tamil nadu and Goa

  • Place the following rulers of Magadha in their Chronological order of rule?

A) Bindusara

B) Bimbisara

C)  Asoka

D) Ajatasatru


  • Sahitya Academy Yuva puraskar for the year 2017 was awarded to mercy Margaret to her poetry in

1) Konkani

2) Tamil

3) English

4) Telugu

  • Who Transalate the famous poet Guijar’s green poem into telugu ?

1) Varala Anand

2) Mangari rajendar

3) Shikhamani

4) Challapalli Swaroopa rani

  • Which of the following Rashtrakuta ruler was treated as renowned great emperor by suleiman, an arab Traveller

1) Danti Durga

2) Krishna-I

3) Govinda-III

4) Amogavarsha

TSPSC General Knowledge Questions & Answers key

  • Who is the Author of Out Coverage Area a collection of short stories?

1) Pulugu Srinivas

2) Pasunuru Ravinder

3) Kasula Pratapa reddy

4) K.V. Narender

  • Name the Sufi Saint that given name to Abul Hassan Taneesha?

1) Shirajuddin

2) Moinuddin Chisty

3) shah raju qattal

4) Ahmed patel

  • The govt of telangana formulated the Integrated Fisheries development scheme’ (IFDS) with a financial outlay of ?

1) 5,500crore

2) 6,800 crore

3) 10,000 crore

4) 15,600 crore

  • The golden man Booker Prize 2018 was won by the book entitled:

1) The English patient

2) In a free state

3) Lincoln in the Bardo

4) Wolf hall

  • Which of the following countries fought In the Falklands War?

A)  Argentina

B)  Australia

C)  France

D)  Germany

E)  United kingdom


  • Young Italy movement was led by two revolutionaries. One was Garibaldi and the other major Revolutionary was:

1) Napolean Bonaparte

2) Giusippie Mazzini

3) Machiavellie

4) Victor

  • Instrument used for measuring very high temperature is :

1) pyroscope

2) Pyrometer

3) Seismograph

4) Xylometer

  • Increased Concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the air believed to cause?

1) Acid rain

2) Deforestation

3) Global warming

4) Ignition

  • The main decomposers of ecosystem are?

A) Fungi

B) Insects

C) prokaryotes

A, B and C

  • Oxytocin affects one of the following?

1) Kidneys

2) Bone narrow

3) uterus

4) liver

  • In which of the following, boundaries are not circumscribed?

1) Biosphere reserve

2) Colony park

3) National Park

4) Sanctuary

  • Deficiency of Vitamin C causes a disease known as ?

1) Beriberi

2) Goiter

3) Scury

4) Anaemia

TSPSC 7 October 2018 Full Question Paper with KEY

TSPSC General Knowledge 7 October 2018 Syllabus

Section-I: General Knowledge

  1. Current affairs. 2. International Relations and Events. 3. General Science in everyday life. 4. Environmental Issues and Disaster Management. 5. Geography and Economy of India and Telangana.  6. Indian Constitution:  Salient Features.  7. Indian Political System and Government. 8. Modern Indian History with a focus on Indian National Movement. 9. History of Telangana and Telangana Movement. 10. Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana. 11. Policies of Telangana State.


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