TNPSC Travel and Tourism 29 September 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Travel and Tourism 29 September 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted ASSISTANT TOURIST OFFICER, GRADE-II IN THE TAMIL NADU GENERAL SUBORDINATE SERVICE exam on 29 September 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Travel and Tourism Paper.

The tourist Development Council will meet for every?

Once a year

What is the amount of rainfall in evergreen forests?

Above 200 cm

Which of the animals is an endangered specious in India?

Snow leopard

Bonalu festival is celebrated in which state?


Which is the classical dance form of Assam?


Where is Manas Wild life Sanctuary Situated?


Name of the dynasty which constructed Udayagiri Jain caves?

Chedi dynasty

What is the architecture style of Konarke temple?


Who built Sun Tempale?

Narasingha Deva

The Principal advisory body for tourism related issues at the national level?

Tourist Development Council

TNPSC Travel and Tourism 29 September 2019 Paper

How many UNESCO Sites are in Tamilnadu?


The vellore fort is built in the year?


Where is the national rail museum located?

New Delhi

The Darjeeling Himalayan railway has its origin from?

Darjeeling Steam Transway

The first High-speed train in India is?

Rajdhani Express

The first train was operated from?

Mumbai to Thane

The character airlines are known as?

Non – scheduled airlines

…….. types of cruises are called upscale cruises?


The destination covered by Deccan Odyssey is?


The first boeing 747 air craft of Air India was known as?

Emperor Ashok

The top most priority factor for an international tourist to visit a country is?

Personal security and safety

Travel and Tourism

Events of National and International importance,  , Geography -World, National and Tamilnadu; History of India Ancient, Medieval, Modern.

TNPSC Travel and Tourism 29 September 2019 Questions and answers

The task service provider to tangibilize the intangible is to?

Manage the evidence (Physical)

Offseason rates offered by resorts come under ……….. pricing tactics?

Seasonal Discounts

Find the odd man out?

Employee promotion

Abbey falls in this southern state?


A vital component in many of the marketing paradigms is?

Market research

The lake lies between Andhra pradesh  and Tamilnadu?


The pass is located on India-China border and it was reopened in 2006?

Nathu La

The plains which are submerged under flood waters almost every year?

Khadar Plains

Sahyadri is the other name for these mountains?

Western Ghats

The main hills of the Eastern Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh is?


Which place is called as the Scott land of the East?


Who is called as father of travel agency business?

Thomas cock

TNPSC Travel and Tourism 29 September 2019 paper with Key

Currency code JPY stands for?


Sir john sergeant Committee was set up in the year?


Which is located in the precincts of an airport?

Airport hotels

………… is situated in the highways and Road junctions?


A hotel that has its entire guest rooms occupied is called as?

Full house

In reservation of a hotel accommodation, GDS stands for?

Global Distribution system

The pet travel Scheme was introduced in the year?


Duty free items include ……….. for most of the countries?

Alcohol, Perfume and tobacco

Cholera Vaccinations are valid for ………… after the first injection?

6 months

Travellers are given a ……………, when they receive compulsory vaccinations?

Health Certificate

TNPSC Travel and Tourism Answers Key 29 September 2019

How many National Parks in India?


Who wrote Natya Shastra?


Jayadeva is associated with?

Gita govinda

An inbound tourist is an important Source of?

Foreign Exchange

How many types of Chapters were implemented by IATA?


1H & RA was formed in the year?

November 1947

…….. reflects the cost of each component in the package tour?

Cost sheet

Bed and breakfast scheme is called as ………. Plan?


Passenger list is provided in ……… itinerary?

Tour Manager’s

In ancient times the roadside inns were called as?


TNPSC Travel and Tourism 29 September 2019 Full Question Paper & Key


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