TNPSC Textile Technology 10 August 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Textile Technology 10 August 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Combined Engineering Services Examination exam on 10 August 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Textile Technology Paper.

The tensile properties of synthetic fibers depend on?

Molecular weight of the polymer

The work of rupture is equal to?

Loss of potential energy

The work of rupture of fiber will be?

Directly proportional to its mass per unit length

The Instron tensile tester is working under…….. principle?

Constant rate of Elongation

Elastic recovery is highest for ………. Fibres?


The initial miodulus value is lowest for …….. fibers?


The dielectric property is high for which material?

Cellophane film

In dry spinning ……… is generally used as the solvent?

Dimethyl formamide

Which is not correct with respect to heat setting of synthetic fibers?

Increaase residual internal strains

In SI units, tenacity of fiber is expressed in Mn/tex, which is equal to gf/den X?

TNPSC Textile Technology 10 August 2019 Paper

The approximate number of cellobiose units of cotton is?


Which task is not normally carried out in blow room?

Opening to fibers

Centre weft fork motion is a ………..?

Weft stop motion

According to KESF system which one is correct?

FB3- Compression

Which particular is not necessary while designing negative tappet?

Diameter of the treadle bowl

Acrylic fiber is made from atleast 85% by weight of ………monometer?


Dimensional stability test can be carried out with the help of?


The minimum number of twist needed for plied and cabled yarn is?


The pair of fibers most prone to accumulation of static change is?

Polyester and polypropylene

Pick the odd fiber from the list,based on hetarochain and carbochain arrangement?


Textile Technology

TNPSC Textile Technology 10 August 2019 Questions and answers

Main natural fibers used in ropes are?

Sisal and Manila

…… belting is used for fire resistance?


In hot gas filters, …… fibers are mostly preffered?


A high initial Young’s Modulud indicates?

In extensibility

The range of short term periodic variation according to fiber length is?

1 to 10 times the fiber length

Which parameter is not proportional to work of rupture of a yarn?

Extended length

……. Is not a natural polymer based thickener?

Polyvinyl alcohol

…….. seam uses only on piece of strip of fabric and turned on both edges?

Class 8

The purpose of laying underlay paper ply in the cutting process is?

To ensure easy transfer of the spread along the table

Which property of textile fiber is important for texterising of yarn?

Thermp plasticity

TNPSC  Textile Technology 10 August 2019 paper with  Key

An example of fixed cost is?


The poison ratio for nylon fiber is about?


The flexibility of fiber not depends on?


The torsional rigidity of fiber does not depend on?

Flexibility of fiber

Economic orer quantity is computed so that………?

The ordering and carrying costs are leasts

In needling, use of longer fiber results in ……… of needled felt?

Lower air permeability

Which chemical can be recovered from effluent for reusage?

Poly Vinyl Alcohol

The specific torsional Rigidity (Mn mm²/tex² ) is the lowest for?

Secondary  acetate

The Specky dyeing problem occurred in dyeing of polyester fabric is due to?

Singeing of fabric before dyeing

In marketing management, the psychological theories was propounded by?

Philip Kotler

TNPSC Textile Technology Answers Key 10 August 2019

The elastic recovery is ratio between?

Elastic extension/Total extension

The work factor is highest for ……. Fibre?


The Dichroic constant of ramie fibre is?


Which is incorrect for making spinneret?

Molded plastic

Drawing of low molecular weight polymers leads to?

High chains slippage

The wet spinning technique is used to produce…… fibre?


The fineness of wool fibre is generally expressed in?


Which species does not belong to wild silk?

Bombyx mori

The cellulose content in the cotton is about ………%?


Increase in a relative humidity, the creep behaviour of acetate rayon is?


TNPSC Textile Technology 10 August 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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