TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering 10 August 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering 10 August 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Combined Engineering Services Examination exam on 10 August 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering & Mental ability Paper.

The gear train in which the first and last gear are on the same axis, is known as?

Reverted gear train

Transverse fillet welded joint are designed for?

Tensile strength

Where does principle stress occur in a component?

On mutually perpendicular planes

The process of making the joint leak proof is known as?


Pertho condensor method is used as a?

Direct method to measure surface rough ness

In welded joint the throat of weld as compared to size of weld is?

About 0.7 times

Which parameters is irrelevant in determining cam size?

Pitch circle diameter

The intensity of turbulence refers to?

Root mean square of turbulent velocity fluctuations

The necessary condition for a low of aliquid to be uniform is that?

The velocity is constant at a point in the flow field with respect to time

Inventory control in production; planning and control aiims at?

Acceptable customer service at low capital investment in inventory

In case of pure shear at apoint; the sum of the normal stresses on two orthogonal plane is equal to?


TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering 10 August 2019 Paper

……..  is the correct relationship?

Dynamic viscosity=kinematic viscosity x density

A Critical point the enthalpy of vaporisation is?


The octane number 100 assigned to?


The most efficient method of compressing air is to compress it?


The laminar flow is charactarised by?

Fluid particles moving in layers parallel to the boundary surface

For the linear flow through a pipe, the shear stress over the cross-section?

Varies directly as the distance from the centre of the pipe

The flow in which conditions do not change with time at any point, is known as?

Steady flow

Specific speed of a turbine is defined as the speed of the turbine in which?

Release the pressure due to water hammer

Which properties remains unchanged for a real gas during joule Thomson process?


Thernal diffusivity of a substance is?

Directly proportional to thermal conductivity

Manufacturing Engineering

TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering 10 August 2019 Questions and answers

Railway are normally made of?

High carbon steel

Quartz is a?

Piezoelctric material

Eutectic reaction results in the formation of?

Mixture of two or more solid phases

Crystal structure of metals is studied by?

x – ray techniques

The emissitivities for non – metallic surfaces generally?

Decrease with increase in temperature

In two stages gas turbine plant, with intercooling and reheating?

Both work ratio and thermal efficiency improve

Materials exhibiting time bound behaviour are known as?

Visco elastic

Duralumin alloy contains alluminium in copper in the ratio of?

%AI-94%   %Cu-4%

Which alloys posses highest specific strength to all structural materials?

Titanium alloys

Which magnetic field is removed, ehich type of materials maintain magnetic properties?

Ferromagnetic materials

TNPSC  Manufacturing Engineering 10 August 2019 paper with  Key

The main advantages of using CO2 Moulding is that?

Much hardened mould is obtained

How are tooth-paste capsule produced?

By impact extrusion process

Dummy strain guage used for?

Comparison of temperature changes

Consumable electrode is used in the process of?

MIG Welding

The metal powder used in thermit welding of steel is?


Gases ae used in tungsten inert gas welding?

Argon and Helium

The machining process in which the metal of a workpiece disolved, is?

Electro chemical machining

The viscosity of a liquid is?

Decreases with increase in temperature

The total radiation leaving a surface per unit time and per unit area is called?


TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering Answers Key 10 August 2019

The input parameters of inverse kinematics are?

Links length, wrist position

NC Contouring is an example of?

Continuous path positioning

Kanban in Japanese language indicates?

Information for production and withdrawl of items

The goal just in Times (JIT) Pilosophy is?

The eleimination of wastes

The JIT Production is essentially?

A pull production system

A pitch is the rotation about?

Horizontal axis

Raster graphics are composed of?


Auxillary  statements are composed of?


Which is not an element of material of handling?


The 14 principles of continuous improvement are enumerated by?


TNPSC Manufacturing Engineering 10 August 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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