TNPSC Home Science 17 November 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Home Science 17 November 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Assistant Director and Child Development Project Officer in the Department of Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme included in Tamil Nadu General Service, 2018-2019 exam on 17 November 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Home Science Paper.

Plisse crepes are produced by using this chemical?

Caustic soda

The type of finish lasts throughout the life of the fabric?


Which method is followed to dye synthetics filament?

Dope dyeing

Skein dyeing is carried out in which stage?

Yarn stage

This fiibre will not dissolve or swell in acetone?


1gm of salt contains …….. mg of solutions?

400 mg

The percentage contribution from carbohydrates for total calories in diet is?

50 – 60%

If head circumference is more than chest circumference, it indicates?


A proteolytic enzyme present in pineapple that digests protein?


The conversation of glucose into fat is?


TNPSC Home Science 17 November 2019 Paper

Arm Anthropometry includes?

Bone fat and muscles

One of the prominent theories of ageing is the theory of?

The free radicals

Barium meal test is used to diagnose?

Peptic ulcer

Identify the oral dose of Vitamin A for preschool child (1-6 years)?

2,00,000 IU

The normal specific gravity of milk is?


The amount of vitamin A per gram of shark liver oil is?

10,000 – 24,000 I.U

The effective limit pressure cooking is?

120 degree Celsius

The chemical compound of non-nutritive sweeterness is?


The PUFA content in seasam oil per 100g is?

40 g

The adulterant testing kit has been developed by?


Home Science

TNPSC Home Science 17 November 2019 Questions and answers

Pick out the primary colours?

Red, yellow, blue

………. Is an example of welfare catering?


It refers to milk with no fat?

Skimmed milk

Emulsifying ability of egg is due to the presence of?


The organ meats of animals are known as?

Thymus gland

The cementing Substances in vegetables are known as?


Gelatin, when placed in cold water swells due to?


Cryogenic freezants that are food grade is?

Boiling nitrogen

Adolescent growth spurt starts at about ……. In girls?

10 – 12 years of age

The objective of POSHAN ABIYAAN is to?

Reduce the morbidity rate

TNPSC Home Science 17 November 2019 paper with Key

Who started Nilokheri project?

S.K. Dev

Who introduced Frikha development scheme?


A common test in research demands must priority on?


The properties of any fibre or filament is dependent on the?

Physical and chemical structure

Learning an appropriate sex role is a child developmental task of?

Early childhood

…….. type of baby’s buttocks would be delivered first?

Breech birth

Which is fundamental objective of extension?

Extension service

GRAM PANCHAYAT funds must be lodged in?

Government treasuries

Which is the primary unit of local Self Government?

Village panchayat

From which latin word does the word textiles come from?


TNPSC Home Science Answers Key 17 November 2019

Which method uses link jet project?

Digital printing

Which method are used for yarn dyeing?

Skein dyeing

The process of imparting colours to textile material is known as?


This fibre is not self extinguishing when it is removed from flame?


Which fibres dissolves in ammonium thiocyanate?


Which is known as mushroom sugar?


What is a rapid cooking method?

Deep fat frying

……. Is mono unsaturated fatty acids?

Oleic acid

School children aged between …….. years?

7 – 12 years

Basic four food group is suggested by ICMR for?

Planning diet

TNPSC Home Science 17 November 2019 Full Question Paper & Key


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