TNPSC Home Science 16 November 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Home Science 16 November 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Assistant Director and Child Development Project Officer in the Department of Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme included in Tamil Nadu General Service, 2018-2019 Written exam on 16 November 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Home Science Paper.

Which year AGMARK is amended?


An example of natural Antimicrobial agent?


Developmental tasks is the term PA fourth by?


What does Caveat Venditor mean?

Let the seller beware

Where hot wax is applied on the fabric in the form of a design?


Whooping Cough is Otherwise is called as?


Wrikson called the period of adolescence as the stage of?

Identity vs role confusion

The term adolescence cmes from a/an ……. Verb meaning to grow into maturity?


Dismemberment in the family resulting from the death of a member is called?


Any environment agent that causes damage during the Prenatal period is called?


The psychological conflict of toddlerhood is proposed by Erikson is?

Autonomy VS Shame and doubt

Packaged commodities (Regulation) order was enacted in India in the vear?


TNPSC Home Science 16 November 2019 Paper

Expand CCFS?

Central committee for food standards

pH for the microbial safety of food is?


Which micro Organism is called as psychophilic (cold loving)?


Which is not the right of Consumer?

Right to be not informed

PEM stands for?

Protein Energy Mal Nutrition

In which year did john F.Kennedy declare the Rights to consumers?


Methylene blue reduction test is identify the spoilage of Micro organism in?


The headquarters of the grievance cell functioning under BIS is located in?

New Delhi

Where was the first product testing and rating laboratory setup in India?


If the goods being sold in the market are not measured correctly it is called consumer?


Home Science

Events of National and International importance,  Geography -World, National and Tamilnadu.

TNPSC Home Science 16 November 2019 Questions and answers

SIPCOT provide…..?

Market assistan

Sarcoma is a type of cancer which affects the?


Caffiene is absorbed in human milk and can inhibit the?

Let down reflex

Which is not natural preservative?


Essential qualities of entrepreneurial person?

Need to achieve

Silent nutrients are………?

Water and dietary fibre

Good source of minerals and vitamins are?

vegetables and fruits

The entrepreneul who never allow any change in their production?

Fabian Entreprene

Identify the volatile compound that exhibits srtrong flavour in garlic?


Amino acid imbalance test is carried out to determine the effrciency of?


The two basic approaches to research are?

Quantitative and Qualitative approach

Delibrate sampling is aiso known as?

Non Probabitity sarnpling or purposive sampiing

The characteristics of female entrepreneur differ in terms of?

Occupational Background, Motivation, Business skill

The Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) was established on……..?

July 1st 1964

Which is’not the objective of physical examination of recruitment process?

helps to protect the employees mental stress in their jobs

What is the protein allowance for obese patients on very low calorie diets?

0.8 – l.b g/Kg IBW

TNPSC Home Science 16 November 2019 paper with Key

…… the excretory product of amino acid metabolism?


Growth spurt during adolescence lasts for a duration of?

18 to 24 months

The normal haemoglobin level for an adolescent girl is?

1.25 g/dl

The dyeing done after knotting the fabrics is called?


This finish lasts for most of the life of a product?


Which one is an Essential amino acid?


Velvet is the fabric of?


1 Kilo calorie is equal to…..?


NEERI stands for….?

Nation Evaluate Engineering Research Institute

An apt dye for colouring silk fabric?


This is water soluble dye?


Q fever is caused by?

Coxiella Burnetto

In kwashiorkor, all blood profile is low, except?

Plasma/amino acid ratio

This type of water proof finish is renewable one?

Wax emulsions

Oxyuriasis falls under the disease condition of?


This tool is used to spread the dye through screen?


Mechanical finish that increases the lustre of linen fabrics is?


Which vitamin deficiency is associated with the symptom, ‘casal’s necklace’?



TNPSC Home Science Answers Key 16 November 2019

The first step in beer making process is?


Who exhibits gross motor skills?

David., who rides a tricycle

Totipotency is the principle of?

Plant tissue culture

Enterotoxin is produced by?

Clostridium perfringes

The-enzyme involved in enzymatic degumming is?


Removing the air from the stomach in babyhood is known as?


Learning by copying the behaviour of another person is called……?


Neurons that are seldom stimulated soon lose their synapses, a process called?

Synaptic pruning

Labels exclusively meant for popularizing the brand name of the product is called?

Brand labeis

Special calendering finish that produces three-dimensional designs on fabrics?


Small woven patterns are created in which of the following type of weave?


A market that operates according to demand and suppl5’conditions is called?


TNPSC Home Science 16 November 2019 Full Question Paper & Key


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