TNPSC Handloom Technology 11 May 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Handloom Technology 11 May 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Senior Technical Assistant and Junior Technical Assistant in the Department of Handlooms and Textiles in the Tamil Nadu Handlooms and Textiles Subordinate Service exam on 11 May 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Handloom Technology Paper.

Single blister structure can be termed as?

Three – miss blister

PPC stands for?

Production Planning and Control

Grab test is related to?

Tensile test

What is FQI?


The derivatives of plan wave are?

Matt, hopsack and basket

Which test is not related to Basic T-Shirt?

Tearing Strength

Body Anatomy divided in to …… heads?

8 heads

In carding web, Nep count is expressed in terms of?

Neps / 10 inch²

What are the parameters used to measure flexural rigidity?

GSM and blending length

Find out the main parts of the spring beard needle are?

Head, beard, eye, stem, butt

What is the technique used for homogeneous fibre sampling?

Zoning Technique

TNPSC Handloom Technology 11 May 2019 Paper

Which one is reductive bleaching agent?

Sodium hydrosulphite

Print – bonded fabrics are used in?

Protective clothing

Acid dyes are also known as?

Anionic dyes

The types of Warping are?

High Speed beaming and section Warping

Construction of a woven fabric depends on?

The design, the draft and the lighting plan

Which is not a mechanical bonded nonwoven?

Melt – blown nonwoven

What enzyme is required for enzymatic desizing?


The material used in the production of mechanical lung is?

Hollow Silicone

The material used in the production of artificial liver is?

Hollow Viscose

Among the weaves, which is weft faced rearranged twill?


Handloom Technology

TNPSC Handloom Technology 11 May 2019 Questions and answers

EYC is?

Electronic Yarn Clearer

Which one is the fastest loom?

Air jet 100 m

The best conductor of heat is?


Expand FOY?

Fully Oriented Yarn

Nylon 6 is made from?


BIS stands for?

Bureau of Indian Standards

Name the textile research related to?



The disadvantages of rigid rapier System is?

Requires large floor space

The modulus of cotton fibre is about?

500 – 525 g. wt/tex

……… is the flame resistant fibre?


TNPSC  Handloom Technology 11 May 2019 paper with  Key

ASTM  Stands for?

American Society for Testing and Materials

Lock Knit is a Kind of?

Warp Knit Structure

In weft Knitting?

The loops are formed across the width of the fabric

…………. Is the non-thermoplastic fibre?


The stroke of Straight Knife vary from?

2.5 cm to 4.5 cm

Class 1 seam is also called as?

Superimposed Seam

Class 4 seam is also called as?

Edge neatening

In whiteness test, what CIE stands for?

International Commission on Illumination

…… is used to determine the single yarn strength?


The majority of fibres hook in the leading position in?


TNPSC Handloom Technology Answers Key 11 May 2019

The tyre cord is placed below the?

Tyre thread

Which type of draft is suitable for Herringbone Twills?


Which fabric will have highest Firmness?

Plain Fabric

In a peg plan vertical spaces indicates ………?


Extra-Corporeal materials in Medical Textiles is?

Mechanical Lung

The less used polymers in geotextiles are?

Polymaide (nylon) and Polyethelene

The material used in the production of artificial skin is?


Removal of short fibres during combing are termed as?


Which type of Velveteen also known as all over velveteen?

Plain Velveteen

Which machine is working under the air flow principle?

Fibre fitness tester

TNPSC Handloom Technology 11 May 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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