TNPSC Geology 05 May 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Geology 05 May 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Assistant Geologist in the Department of Geology and Mining  in the Tamil Nadu Geology and Mining Subordinate Service &Assistant Geochemist in Public Works Department in the Tamil Nadu Engineering Subordinate Service exam on 05 May 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Geology Paper.

The silent volcanic eruption of lava without any explosive activity is?

Hawaiian type

Trenches are the site of?

Diverging currents

Drifting of continents started during?


The pyrite deposits are found in?

Bijaigarh shales

Tirohan limestone and Tirohan breccia are equivalent to?

Lower Vindhyan

The pyrite deposits are found in?

Bijaigarh shales

The thickness of Vindhvan svste,m of rocks are?

4270 m

The fastest spreading of the sea floor is exhibited bv?

East Pacific Rise

A volcano which has not erupted for a long time is called as?

Dormant volcano

Where two continental plates collide with each other, associated with?

Mountain building

TNPSC Geology 05 May 2019 Paper

Syringothyris limestone beds are?

Lower Carboniferous

Ariyalur stage is mainly composed of?

Arenaceous and Argiilaceous rocks

Irlakonda comprises which rock types?


In Graptolites, largest of thecae is called?


The tube of colony in graptolites is known as?


The fossils resemblance of pencil marks are called?


The most ancient kind of eyes in Trilobites are known as?

Holochroal eyes

……. structures may form potential oil fraps (or) aquifers?

Over lap

The Deccan traps are spread over the vast areas of?

Western. Central and Southern India

Which is the uppermost series of Cuddapah system?



TNPSC Geology 05 May 2019 Questions and answers

C.I.P.W. classification is based on?

Chemical Composition

The Olivine-free basalt are called as?


The Anorthosites are emplaced during the period of?

Pre -Cambrian

Leucite crystallizes in which crystal systems?


Columnar jointing in the Deccan traps are seen in?


The Jurassic formation of India was typicaily deposited at?


Phenacite is the type mineral for which crystal classes?

Tri-rhombohedral class of Hexagonal system

Wulfenite is the type mineral for which crystal classes?

Pyramidal-Hemimorphic class of tetragonal system

Diopside is a pyroxene group mineral that crystlllzes in?

Monoclinic system

Among the group which one is common wall rock alteration product?


TNPSC  Geology 05 May 2019 paper with  Key

Obsidian is a?

Rhyolitic composition

Where is the great basalt plateau occur?


The graphic texture is a?

Intergrowth of two minerals frequently

Which one is typical example of continental facies?


Graphite generally occurs in?

Metamorphic rocks – Gneisses and Schists

Which one is Non clastic chemically formed calcareous rock?


Grain size between 2 & 1/16mm clastic sediment is?


Gravitational settling of mixed sediments is?

Graded bedding

Changes occur at the water – sediment interface are called as?


The distinction between basalt and andesite is mainly based on?

So2 content

TNPSC Geology Answers Key 05 May 2019

The age of Panjal trap is?

Permo Carboniferous

The concept of cycle of erosion was formulated by?

William Morri’s Davis

A highly potential aquifer occurs in?

Neyweli upland

Diamond drilling?

Drilling method to investigate sub surface conditions

Hydraulic conductivity is expressed in?

Metre / sec

Engineering properties of soils are studied by?

Soil Mechanics

In the zone of aeration the pores are filled up with?

Air only

Which country is largest producer of hard coal?


The geochemical classification of the elements was done by?


……… operations produces large scale dust and noise?


The zone below the isopiestic level is called?


TNPSC Geology 05 May 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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