TNPSC General Studies 10 August 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC General Studies 10 August 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Combined Engineering Services exam on 10 August 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC General Studies Paper.

Who was known as the Morning star of India?

Raja Ram Mohan Rai

Who was the author of Kavyadarsa?


Who passed the Widow Remarriage Act of 1856?

Lord Dal hosie

Who founded the Indian reform Association in 1870?

Keshab Chandra Sen

The bombay presidency Association was started in ……..?

1885 A.D

Name the Marathi weekly, Started by B.R. Ambedkar in 1930?


Who was the founder of the Turkish Dominion in India?

Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

What was the period of the Mesolithioc Age?

8000 BC to 4000 BC

Reduced leaves and Sunken Stomata are the Characteristics features of?


TNPSC General Studies 10 August 2019 Paper

The pH of 0.1 M NaOH is?


Black soil is also known as?


Bird-foot delta is best formed by?


Structural unit of a gene is called as?


As per 2011 Census, the population of India is?

1210 million

Which is a primary function of money?

Money is a measure of value

Wheb do India Celebrate Kargil Vijay Diwas annually?

26th July

How was Harappan aechaelogical site damaged in 1857?

Use as track ballast for building railway line

The raw material used for the manufacture of rayon is?


Which organic functional group forms the peptide bond of proteins?


General Studies

TNPSC General Studies 10 August 2019 Questions and answers

What is AskDisha?

Name of the chabot

Find the next term in the series?


The HCF of 598 and 874 is?


What is the chemical name of sand?

Silicon Dioxide

What is the meaning of Free Cycle?

Give away something that are used and unwanted as opposed to selling

Which state rebelled against India under A.Z.Phizo?

Homi J. Bhaba

Which Indian film won maximum award at Oscars in 2013?

Life of Pi

Find the wrong number in the series 63, 55, 26, 13, 5?


In the year 1998 Which Committee was established?

Indrajit Gupta Committee

The controller and Auditor general of India submit his audit reports to the?

The president of India

TNPSC  General Studies 10 August 2019 paper with  Key

The Inter-State Council was established in the year?


Which state doesnot have a Legislative council?

Madhya Pradesh

Sudden fall in barometer reading is the indication of?


The Indian Independence League was formed in?


Name the book written by Lala Lajpat Rai?

Unhappy India

The mouth of the volcano is known as?


Which Sikh Guru was killed by Aurangazeb?

Guru Tegh Bahadur

Who founded Rama Krishna Mission in 1897?


Who was the first Gupta ruler to issue silver coins?

Chandragupta – II

Which drug is called Superman Drug?


TNPSC General Studies Answers Key 10 August 2019

Which measures Humidity?


Name the world’s Largest artificial Island?

Flevo Polder

Who was the Woman Prime Minister of the world?

Srimavo Bandara Naike

Which two presidents of India used Pocket Veto?

Dr. Rajendra prasad and R. Venkataraman

The last day of a Century cannot be?


Recommendations of Sarkaria Commission are releated to?

Centre -State Relations

Who is the Chairman of the 14th Finance Commission?

Y.V Reddy

When is the International Human Rights Day Celebrated?

10th December

Which country hosted first women only foreign minister Conference?


Which state has highest number of flowering plant in India according to BSI?


TNPSC General Studies 10 August 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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