TNPSC Criminology 05 May 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Criminology 05 May 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Assistant Superintendent of Approved Schools in Social Defence Department (Men’s Wing) (2011-2017), Assistant Superintendent of Approved Schools in Social Defence Department (Women’s Wing) (2011-2017) &Assistant Superintendent of Vigilance Institutions in Social Defence Department (2016-2017) in the Tamil Nadu Social Defence Subordinate Service exam on 05 May 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Criminology Paper.

Sutherland’s definition of criminology doesnot includes process of?

Bridging Laws

Who coined the term Criminology?


Howard Becker is associated with?

Labelling Theory

According to Emile Durkheim crime is a?

Normal phenomena

……….. is a learned response to a stimulus?

Classical conditioning

Who is the proponent of the culture conflict theory?

Sheldon – Body type

Klinefelter’s syndrome is represented by?


Who is associated with Psycho analytical approach on crime?


Cesare Lombroso represented the …….. school of criminology?


According to Blackstone crime is an act …… violation of the laws of the land?

Onmited or committed

TNPSC Criminology 05 May 2019 Paper

Who developed concentric zone theory?

Pank and Burgers

Who provided the legal definations of the crime?

Paul Tappan

Caveat Emptor means …..?

Let the buyer beware

Which is not a white collar crime?


Eye for an Eye Philosophy Signifies?


Section …….. of the Indian penal code deals with Abetmenbt?


Doli Incapax – refers to section …….. of IPC?


In criminology research, observation procedure is a method of?

Data Collection

Testing a cool for reliability can be done in which method?

Test- Retest and split half

In penal policies, the rehabilitative model came from?



TNPSC Criminology 05 May 2019 Questions and answers

In India capital Punishment is awarded in?

Rarest of rare case

In India, …… is awarded only in the rarest of rare cases?

Capital punishment

In India Victim receives compensation from?

The fine paid by the offender

Both Pennsylvania and Auburn prison system recognized?

Prison Labour

A general idea of Penitentiary panopticon was designed by?


Who established the Pennsylvania system in the U S A?

The Quakers

Who was known as the father of Penitentiary Science?

Jean Jacques Philipp Vilian

Deterrence is categorized into general deterrence and?

Specific deterrence

The applied research is otherwise referred as ……….. research?


The Percentile and normalized score of scaling falls under ……. Scaling?

Non – linear

TNPSC  Criminology 05 May 2019 paper with  Key

Father of probation is

John Augustus

Release on Probation happens?

After found Guilty

Toxiccology is the study of?


Recidivist means …….?

A repeat offender

Probation as per the probation of offenders Act , 1958 is?

Judicial Decision

A kind of leave granted to the prisoners is also known as?


The JJ Act in India was the outcome of the?


Who is regarded the father of probation System?

John Augustus

The work load of the police in India is considered to be?


Who coined the term Problem oriented Policing?

Herman Goldstein

TNPSC Criminology Answers Key 05 May 2019

Hypothesis means?

A tentative assumption

Recidivism rates indicate the level of?


Criminalization in a composition of?

Harmful in nature and Immorality

The study of crime in all its aspects is?


Who studied Juvenile gangs?

Fredric Thrasher

Which is a White Collar Crime?


The Onus of proving exception lies on?


The most common item of a Statistical series is?


The classical school of criminology defines crime in?

Legal terms

Who has coined the term Atavism?


……. Is not proponent of the social control theories?


TNPSC Criminology 05 May 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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