TNPSC Child Development 16 November 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Child Development 16 November 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Assistant Director and Child Development Project Officer in the Department of Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme included in Tamil Nadu General Service, 2018-2019 exam on 16 November 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Child Development Paper.

Development living organs is known as?


The first sign of Pregnancy is?


Sperm can live upto …….. days?


By the 4th day of pregnancy a fluid filled ball known as?


The growth stimulating hormone is from?

Pituitary gland

First Indication of pregnancy is the rise in the level of?


Transistional stage of neonate is from ……….. period?

Foetal to postnatal

There are around ……. Genes living along the human chromosome?

20,000 to 25,000

0.5 litre cow’s milk contains …… gms of calcium?

1 gram’

Vitamin C requirement throughout the pregnancy is …….. per day?

40 mg

TNPSC Child Development 16 November 2019 Paper

The child earliest type of play is?

Free, spontaneous play

The first baby teeth to appear is?

Front central incisors

The muscles of the new born are?

Soft and uncontrolled

A 3- 4 week old embryo is only …….. inches long?


Neonatal heart beat is ……. Than that of the adult?

More rapid

During Infancy …….. is the dominant form of vocalization?


The gead of the Infant is usually …….. of the body length?


The white downy hair covering the body of the foetus is called?


…… is an infection of the upper urinary passage?


Developmental tasks of early childhood are listed by?


Child Development

TNPSC Child Development 16 November 2019 Questions and answers

Melody is related to?


An ideal place suitable for excursion of preschool Children is?


……. Habit breaking method is effective in treating feras?

Toleration method

Indigeneous play materials refer to those made from?

Waste materials

The ideal adult child ratio in a preschool is?


Need for approval can be categorized under needs?

Psycho – social need

During the preschool years, children with high IQ show an interest in?

Dramatic and creative play

A rupture at the naval leads to …….. in small babies?

Umbilical hermia

Explosive sounds made by Infants are commonly called as?

Cooing and Grunting

TAB Vaccine is given to children to protect them against …….. disease?


TNPSC Child Development 16 November 2019 paper with Key

Science and Active exploration can help promote?

Investigative thinking

Clearing pent up emotional energy is called as?

Emotional catharsis

Body cathexis means?

Satisfaction with their bodies

The sebaceous or oil producing oils become more active during?


The basal pulse rate of the infants are …….. beats minute at birth?

130 – 150

Adolescent Social grouping which is made up of groups of close friends is called?


……… child development theories emphasizes on nature alone?


Erickson’s integrity verses despair stage occur during?

Old age

Ulceration and crusting of skin happen when the child suffers from?


Descriptive accounts of episodes or occurences in the daily life of an individual is called?

Anecdotal records

TNPSC Child Development Answers Key 16 November 2019

Droping of eyelids is known as?


Finger spelling is used to teach?

Hearing impaired children

Stanford – binet test is used to measure?


Defects that are present during birth are called as?

Congenital defects

In learning disabilities, the name for mathematical disorder is?


Academically,  ..…..  children have an IQ level of 130 and above?


……. Play is often called as Make believe play?

Dramatic play

Perspective or counselor-centered counselling spells but the assumption of?


Peralysis of one or more portions of the cerebrum leads to?

Cerebral palsy

The development pattern is predictable in every species in the?

Prenatal and postnatal life

TNPSC Child Development 16 November 2019 Full Question Paper & Key


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