TNPSC Chemistry 23 June 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Chemistry 23 June 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Drugs Inspector in the Tamil Nadu Medical Service &Junior Analyst in the Drugs Testing Laboratory in Tamil Nadu Medical Subordinate Service exam on 23 June 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Chemistry Paper.

CC- 1065 is?

An Antibiotic

Which corresponds to an ‘Ester’?


hich one is an antiseptics?


Which has the least electron affinity?


Which is an example for a gel?


Low energy HOMO hard nucleophile is……..?


What happens when 1,2.dibromoethane is heated with Zn?

ethylene is formed

What is the unit of dipole moment in SI system?

Coulomb metres (em)

Which compound has the highest dipole moment value?


The “J (Hz)” in NMR for an ortho isomer of benzene system will be?

6 to 9

TNPSC Chemistry 23 June 2019 Paper

Carbanions have?

pyramidal structure

The carbohydrate present in the milk of all animals is?


The type of structure exhibited by KGI is?

Simple Cubic

The radius ratio for NaCI structure is?


The unit cell of metallic gold is?


How many Bravais lattices are present?


On Increasing the concentration of the reactants, the rate of a reaction?


Single electrode potential becomes equal to standard electrode potential if the?

Concentration of ions is 1 M and T = 298 K

Oxidation of glucose using mild oxidising agents like bromine water gives?

gluconic acid

Increasing ……..character of a bond decreases the bond angle?



TNPSC Chemistry 23 June 2019 Questions and answers

DPPH is ……….?

A free radical

Carbones are ……..?

strong electrophiles

Nuclear Fusion requires………..?

Very high temperature

Decomposition of tetrachloroethane gives?


Which is known as inorganic benzene?


Lowest first ionisation potential will be of?


Diboranc reacts with chlorine to give?

Chloro diborane

‘NPK’ fertilizers are mainly produced at …….?


Isobars.are atoms having ……………?

Same mass number and different atomic number

The source of enorm()us energy of sun is due to………?

Fusion of Hydrogen nuclei to form helium nucleus

Which is’not identical for an atom and an isotope?

Number of Neutrons

TNPSC  Chemistry 23 June 2019 paper with  Key

Which has zero dipole moment value?


Which is diamagnetic?


Gouy balance is used to measure?

Magnetic Properties

…….. dyes are applied to wool?


Which is not used as a dye?

Methyl Orange

The birth place of indigo dye is?


The colour of methyl orange in acid solution is?


Kiliani reaction is conversion of …….. to ……….?

an aldose, next higher aldose

Benzene mechanism is a/an……….. mechanism?

Eliminator – addition

The emf of the standard hydrogen electrode is …….. volts?


TNPSC Chemistry Answers Key 23 June 2019

The real gases exhit nearly ideal behaviour at?

very low pressure (up to 10 atm)

The absolute configuration of (+) tartaric acid is?


l,2-Disubstituted cyclohexene is?

Optically Inactive

General oxidation state of Lanthanides is….?


General oxidation state of Lanthanides is?


The most abundant rare earth in the earth crust is?


Lanthanides do not form complexes with ……….?


Actinides constitute………?

II inner transaction series

A Hydrogen bomb is ……. At atom bomb?

More powerful than

What is the condition for precipitation of a compound?

Ionic product> Solubility product

Which is not true in case of an ideal gas?

A gas which does not obey Boyles and Charles laws at all temperatures and pressure

According to werner’s theory’ the coordination number is equal to?

Secondary Valency

In geometrical isomerism, notation ‘E’ derived from ……. Language?


TNPSC Chemistry 23 June 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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