TNPSC Biology 24 August 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Biology 24 August 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted JUNIOR SCIENTIFIC OFFICER IN FORENSIC SCIENCES DEPARTMENT IN THE TAMIL NADU FORENSIC SCIENCE SUBORDINATE SERVICE, 2015-2019 exam on 24 August 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Biology Paper.

Vertebrates are …………..?

Good regeneration Power

Amnion helps in ……….?

Protection from shocks

The amphibian cave – dweller is ………?

Spelerpes maculicanda

Which is a digenetic nematode parasite?

Wucheria bancrofti

Human Karyotypes are routinely prepared from?


……… was the first step in human evolution?


Which inhibits the conduction of nerve impulses?

Acetyl Choline

The first life in earth was originated during early ……..?

Archaeozonic Era

Free Limbs of frog, bird, whale and man is an example for?

Homologous organs

The length of silk thread produced by a single caterpillar is?

1000-1500 m

TNPSC Biology 24 August 2020 Paper

The monoecions animals have?

Male and female reproductive organs

Drugs involved in lowering Cholestrol in blood?


The first line of screening test for diabetes is?


Which is a specific carcinogenicity test?

Ames Test

DMA damage in cell can be detected by?

Single cell gell electrophoresis

A PCR Based molecular genetic marker is?


Which method Protein antigens are detected?

Western Blotting

About 60% of the Semen volume is derived from?

Seminal Vericles

The length of the Primer sequence for RAPD technique is?

10 nucleotides

Growth in broth cultures occurs mainly in the form of?

Heavy surface Pellicle


TNPSC Biology 24 August 2020 Questions and answers

The term Virulence refer to the?

Intensity of Pathogenocity

Ephedrine is a ……….?


Photosynthesis is a ……?

Anabolic process

Chlororespiration occurs in….?


……. Is used as a food in space-fights?


The term Urticle means?

Membrane Sac surrounding Ovary

In plant cells the middle lamella chiefly consists of?

Calcium Pectate

………. Are the ribonucleo-protein bodies in a cell?


The Assessment of microbial diversity by the use of microarray called?


The cepthalothorax is divided into ………. Segments in class Psycnogonida?


TNPSC Biology 24 August 2020 paper with Key

Cordiaitales do not resemble ……. Order?


The most important Indian Fossil of Cycads is?

Williamsonia Sewardiana

Which tree is a popularly called as Soapnut Tree?

Sapindus emarginacus

Annual rings are distrinct in plant growing in?

Temperate regions

In flowering plants, meiosis occurs at the time of?

Formation of Pollen grains

Double fertilization was discovered by?


Protability of water can be gauged by the presence of?

Enterobacter aerogens

……… product is produced by Rhizopus nigricans?

Fumaric Acids

What are Piezophilic microbes?

Microbes growing in high atmospheric pressure

Introduction of foreign gene for improving genotype is called?

Genetic Engineering

TNPSC Biology Answers Key 24 August 2020

The precursor to melatonin is?


Peternity test is based on?


Central cotton institutes is located?


Bryophyte named moss cotton is?

S phagnum

Hart man’s sign occurs during?


Father of American forensic Anthroplology?

Thomas Dwight

Which is the method of studying growth?

Cross sectional method, Longitudinal method

Trisanic condition for the chromosome no. 18?

Edward Syndrome

Action Anthropology is ………?

The study related to applied anthropology

Snakes are classified under the Subclass?


Respiration in arachnids is affected by?


TNPSC Biology 24 August 2020 Full Question Paper & Key


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