TNPSC Automobile Engineering 14 August 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Automobile Engineering 14 August 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Combined Engineering Services Examination exam on 14 August 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Automobile Engineering Paper.

The venture in the carburetor causes the?

Increase of air velocity

Turbo Charger is used for?

Increasing engine power and decreasing emissions

Hypoid gears require special lubricant because?

Sliding action is there between the teeth

The severity of electric banking is controlled by the means of?


As applied to breaking system, the term brake fad means?

Fall-off in efficiency due to heat

The fundamental condition of the true rolling is?

All wheels must rotate about common centre

The Maximum pressure in the lubrication system is controlled by?

Relief valve

Supercharging is the process of supplying intake charge of the engine?

At a pressure above atmospheric

The ursprung mass in a vehicle system is mainly composed of?

Axle and parts attached to it

Dividing thrust and torque reaction is taken in a Hotchkiss drive by?

Road springs

The provision made to allow a leaf spring to vary its length is a?

Swinging shackle

The steering knuckle attaches to the lower-control arm by a?

Ball joint

TNPSC Automobile Engineering 14 August 2019 Paper

The blades of stator in a torque converter have a shape of?


The hydrostatic drive uses the property of the fluid?


The dog clutch is used in?

Constant mesh gear box

The air bag of an automobile is made of?

Nylon fabric

Compared to hot plug, a cold plug has?

Small area exposed to the combustion gases

The floor board clearance is adjusted in clutch by?

Means of screw at lower end of clutch pedal

What are the occasions in which clutch should be disconnected?

Starting, shifting gear, stopping and idling

In electronic power steering, the torque sensor is nothing but?

Magnetic sensor

The basic principle of distributor less ignition system is known as?

Lost spark

Automobile Engineering

TNPSC Automobile Engineering 14 August 2019 Questions and answers

Hot running engines require?

Cold spark plug

Which vehicle is not an LCV?

Tata Manza

Door is opened and closed/locked by?


The two types of Wind tunnels are?

Open and Closed circuit

Sadan, saloon, Coupe and hatch back are types of body of?


The one way clutch of a pre-engaged starter motor?

Prevents the engine driving the motor

In DC generator of automobiles, the magnetic field is generated in?


Pitching moment is influenced by ………… in a moving vehicle?

Lift force

Thermal and acoustic insulation is usually elaborate in ……… bus tyre?


Use of Longitudinal Channel beams and tubular cross Members results in?

Reduced torsional flexibility

TNPSC Automobile Engineering 14 August 2019 paper with Key

The scuttle panel is?

Between bonnet and wind screen

The spark plug gap can be checked by?

Feeler gauge

Detonation in S.I engine occur due to?

Auto Ignition of the charge after the spark struck

In master cylinder, the primary piston is the piston that is?

Directly operated by the push rod

Rear and squat in coil spring suspension occurs?

During acceleration

Small coaches for long distances have the seating capacity of?

16 – 30

Inn bus body significant distortion of the overall stiffness occurs at?

Doors and large openings

Which type of vibrations are also known as transient vibration?

Damped vibrations

A single jet carburetor tends to supply richer mixture during?

High speed operation

Zinc liners between the leaves of spring are sometimes used to?

Prevent squeaking

TNPSC Automobile Engineering Answers Key 14 August 2019

Lead compounds were added in gasoline to?

Reduce knocking

Clutch dragging is noticeable?

When shifting gears

Rhodium promotes to the reduction of?


The measurement principle for CO emission is?

Non-dispersive infrared

Fumigation technique is used to control?

Temperature and equivalence ratio

Steening link rod is also called as?

Drag link

Piston rings installed upside down may cause?

Excessive oil consumption

A typical piston clearance in the cylinder is?

  • inch or 0.025 mm

Suspension topping or bottoming out occurs due to?

Defective shock absorber

The highly toxic gas among all the automobile emissions is?


TNPSC Automobile Engineering 14 August 2019 Full Question Paper & Key



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