TNPSC Architecture Engineering 10 August 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Architecture Engineering 10 August 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Combined Engineering Services exam on 10 August 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Architecture Engineering & Mental ability Paper.

The fundamental types of symmetry are …….. and ……….?

Bilateral and lateral

In a room’s dimension ………… has greater effect on its scale?


Roman baths are called as?


The shard in London was designed by?

Renzo piano

The pomidou center in paris was designed by?

Renzo Piano

Public meeting spaces in Greece is called as?


New york’s Triangular flatiron building was an example for?


………. Was associated with the movement Boroque Revival?

Richard Morris Hunt

Façade without coloumns or pilasters is called ………?


Molding made up of rows are small square blocks is called?


TNPSC Architecture Engineering 10 August 2019 Paper

The method of sawing used for hardwoods?

Radial or rift sawing

The Practicle size of medium sand is?

2.0mm -0.425mm

Spathic Iron ore is also known as?


The middle division of an entablature below the cornice is?


The provate residence of noble man fifteenth century is called as?

Bara kumbha

Which is not material of waterproofing by elestomeric paints?

Araldite and hardener based

Which stones is got from metamorphic rocks?


An example of Intrusive textural classification of Igneous rocks?


Iron carbide, an iron carbon alloy is also known as?


Rapid Hardening cement is prepared by adding higher percentage of?

Tricalcium Silicate

Architecture Engineering

TNPSC Architecture Engineering 10 August 2019 Questions and answers

Which One is steeltown?


The compressive strength of 1:6 mortar is?

2 to 5 N/mm²

The desirable fire grading for RCC beam is of?

3 hrs

The Concept of Garden city was the contribition of?

Ebenezer Howard

The recommended design speeds for local streets in India is?

30 Kph

The recommended space standards for local street is?

10 – 20m

Lime with reactive Silicawhich could be used even under water is?

Hydraulic Lime

Optimim Reverberation factor for music concert halls is?

1.6 to 2

………. Is control of temperature, humidity air motion and parity?

Air conditioning

An example for crystalline textual classification of Sedimentary rock?


TNPSC  Architecture Engineering 10 August 2019 paper with  Key

INTACH was founded in the year?


A cinfined view is known as?


The delhi urban Arts Commission Act was enacted in?


The florance charter was formulated In the year?


The Bombay town Planning Act was Landscape Architecture?

American Society of landscape Architects

The minimum width of the fire escape stairs shall be?

1.25 m

The Theatre of Marcellus was completed by …….. in 13 BC?


A geological strtum that stores and transports ground water is called?


Increase in the overall population that resides in urban areas is reffered as?


…….. is an architectural frame set into a wall, drawing attention to a piece of art?


TNPSC Architecture Engineering Answers Key 10 August 2019

What is GIF?

Graphic Interchange Format

The Montreal protocal was made in the year?


What is meant by ASLA in Landscape Arcitecture?

American society of Landscape Architects

CET is an thermal comfort index and is written as?

Effective temperature

Idenrtify in which is not a passive heating technique?

Evaporating cooling

Step well at Abhareni, Agra, India is a example of?

Depressed Based plane

The traditional Japanese unit of measure is?


Identify that one that is associated with quality of space?


To ensure quality work, architects will be engaged only on?

Comprehensive Services

In characterized by a high diurnal temperature range and low humidity?

Hot dry climate

TNPSC Architecture Engineering 10 August 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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