TNPSC Anthropology 25 May 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


TNPSC Anthropology 25 May 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- TNPSC conducted Curator in Museum Department in Tamil Nadu General Subordinate Service exam on 25 May 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TNPSC Anthropology Paper.

The Madras culture is also called as?

Hand axe tool tradition in Peninsular region

La Madeleine, a rock shelter Palaeolithic site located in?


Who first coined the term ‘Neolithic’?

Sir John Lubbock

The only hominid species alive today are?

Homo sapiens

Origin of stratification as viewed by Sorokin?

Due to environmental conditions

Who remains outside the Varna scheme?


Homo hierarchicus was written by?

Louis Dumant

Class refers to………..?

Achieved Status

Cri-du-chat syndrome is related to which chromosome?

Chromosome 5

The cultural evolutionary stage which began with the art of pottery making?

Lower barbarism

TNPSC Anthropology 25 May 2019 paper

H.MB. Beagle is related to?

Charles Robert Darwin

The Law of use and disuse was given by?

Jean Baptiste Lamarck

Theory of catastrophism was given by?

Georges Cuvier

Who is the Father of physical Anthropology?

Johann.Friedrich Blymenbach

Anthropological research is?

Time intensive

Linguistic anthropology is conceptualized as?

Study of Language in anthropological perspective

Who is the author of book “Problem ofIndian” Nationalism?

N.K. Bose

Who defined Anthropology on the “Science of Man and his works”?

M.J. Herskowits

Law of Segregatioln and Law of independent Assortment is related to?

Mendelian Principle

The fossil remains of Ramapitheus recovered from?

Africa, India


TNPSC Anthropology 25 May 2019 Questions and answers

Ancient law was written by?

Henry Maine

Which is not the characteristic of Tribe?

A tribe shows a systems of writing

The geneological method was first used by?

W.H.R. Rivers

Anthropology this term derived from?


Family of orientation?

The family in which one is born and grows up

Who is an armchair anthropologist?


How many tribes are there in India?


Haimendorf did his major works in?

South India

B.S. Guha has classified Indian Tribes into how many zones?


The principle of Reflexivity is otherwise called as?

Thomas Theorem

TNPSC  Anthropology 25 May 2019 paper with  Key

Which is the special attributes of state?

Population, Government

……….. is not a course of law?


Which is a kinship oriented exchange?


Functionalis is ……..?

An approach to study of society culture

Who a Homohierarchicus?

Louis Dumont

The system which unite people across family groups?


Matrilineal family is found in India among the?

Khasis of Meghalaya

Family has a key role in society because?

Family is absent among nomadic tribes

Joint family system is criticized because?

It’s exploitative and undemocratic character

Which is an all inclusive and intensive study of an individual?

The case study method

Broadly speaking, social stratification refers to?

Division of society into a number of strata, hierarchically arranged groupings

TNPSC Anthropology Answers Key 25 May 2019

The basis of contagious magic?

Law of contagion

Age of Mammals is a ……..?


Identify a flake tool?


According to Ruth Benedict the Kwakiutl people are?


The book ‘purity and danger’ written by?

Mary Dougals

According to Lanski, the cause of stratification is?

Production ofsurplus

Palaeozoic is divided into how many geologicalepoch?


In which age did man become a food producer?

Neolithic age

The term Achon anthropology was coined by?

Sol Tax

Which is not a quality of culture?

Sanskritization leads to positional change

TNPSC Anthropology 25 May 2019 Full Question Paper & Key


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