The HINDU Editorial Wordlist 05 April 2018- English Vocabulary pdf


The HINDU Editorial Wordlist 05 April 2018 and English Vocabulary based on The Hindu daily newspaper. Here we are listed the words used in The HINDU Editorial and providing the usage of words for easy learning. So that it will become very easy to improve vocabulary and learn new words.

English Vocabulary is the deciding factor in many Examinations. It has a major contribution in scoring. Candidate can get more marks with good vocabulary skills in no time. These words may appear in Bank exams ( IBPS, SBI), SSC Recruitment Exams (CGL), Railway Recruitment , Entrance Exams (CAT, GRE) and other competitive Exams conducted by state Public service commission.

The Hindu Newspaper Daily Wordlist 05 April 2018 pdf download

  1. While the CBSE had initially denied leakage of the economics question paper, it cancelled it alongside the maths paper,
  2. Addressing a public meeting here, the actor-politician termed the Centre’s move to seek clarification on the term ‘scheme’ as a “conspiracy and an alibi to buy time”
  3. when a resolution to the vexed Cauvery dispute seemed to be round the corner.
  4. Either the State government should do what legal luminaries and water experts advocate or step aside.
  5. NDA indulging in mud-slinging, says CM
  6. China’s Commerce Ministry on Wednesday listed 106 U.S. products, which will be subjected to a 25% tariff, in retaliation to Washington’s
  7. “While the BJP is betraying the State by not according the SCS, the TDP and the YSRCP indulge in mudslinging having failed

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Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.

Synonyms: contradict, repudiate, gainsay



Meaning: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful..


Synonyms: scheme, stratagem, plan, machination



Meaning: annoyed, frustrated, or worried.


Synonyms: irritated, angry, irate, furious, incensed,



Meaning: a person who inspires or influences others,


Synonyms: leading light,  light,  leader, expert, master



Meaning: suspend or arrange (something), especially with a strap or straps


Synonyms: hang, suspend, string, dangle, swing,



Meaning: the action of returning a military attack; counter-attack.

Synonyms: vengeance, reprisal, retribution, requital, recrimination



Meaning: unintentionally reveal; be evidence of.


Synonyms: sell out, stab someone in the back, be a Judas to,


The HINDU Editorial Wordlist 05 April 2018 – English Vocabulary pdf

The following words are taken from today’s Paper. The Hindu editorial wordlist, vocabulary, meanings and synonyms are very helpful for the IBPS Bank PO and SSC CGL aspirants. Candidates are requested to memorize some words every day. So that it will be useful to Crack the exam.

  1. Norms to safeguard the innocent against false complaints may not have been so unpalatable as the serious implications
  2. It is likely that it is a result of the perception that in a social environment where the legal and administrative system
  3. One hopes that the initial fury has spent itself out and that there will be no cause for its being unleashed
  4. Life has become miserable under these conditions, and it is not an exaggeration
  5. It was against this background, amid mounting frustration and resentment against the status quo,
  6. Most Gaza residents are refugees of the first Arab-Israeli war or their descendants.
  7. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel could escape censure for the latest outbreak of violence in Gaza as well.
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: difficult to put up with or accept.


Synonyms:  lamentable, repugnant, nasty, horrible, dreadful



Meaning: the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

Synonyms: understood, or interpreted.



Meaning: cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.


Synonyms: free, set free, loose, unloose, unbridle

exaggeration Noun Meaning: a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.


Synonyms: overstatement, overemphasis, magnification, amplification



Meaning: bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.


Synonyms: indignation, irritation, pique, displeasure, dissatisfaction,

descendants Noun Meaning: a person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor.

Synonyms : successor, scion; offshoot, heir; offspring, progeny



Meaning: the formal expression of severe disapproval.


Synonyms: criticism, attack, abuse, revilement; reprimand


Here, we are providing HINDU Editorial Wordlist, The HINDU daily Wordlist, Editorial column word meanings and synonyms in pdf format also. Candidates can download the pdf from the link given.

The HINDU Editorial Wordlist pdf download 05 April 2018


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