Target Group Index, Purpose, How it is helpful for Targeting your customers


Target Group Index

TGI (Target Group Index) is a world’s largest single source survey providing invaluable, comparable consumer insights  for over 68 countries across 6 continents. TGI offers an  extensive and flexible range of solutions to meet your  marketing needs.

TGI can help in determining and understanding

  • Who are your consumers’(demographics & Psychographics)
  • How your customers think
  • What drives customer choice
  • What you need to know when launching a new product
  • Your ideal marketing partners
  • How your brand can enter a new territory
  • Segmenting the consumers
  • Targeting them (TV,Press,Radio, Internet, Outdoor & others

Category / Brand ‐ TGI covers ;

  • 18 Sectors
  • 400 Product categories
  • 5000 Brands


  • Lifestyles (300+ statements on a 5 degree scale)
  • Attitudes


  • Comprehensive Socio‐Economic profile data

Time Diary

  • Daily Activities reconstruction using a comprehensive time diary

Media Exposure

  • Media Consumption: Print media, TV, Radio, Cinema, Internet and Outdoor
  • Frequency, Recency and Intensity of reading Daily Newspapers, Weekly & Monthly magazines by Publication  title & Topics of Interest for Press
  • Frequency, Recency and Intensity of viewing TV & Radio listening by time segments and visiting websites
  • Recall of outdoor advertising by type

Powerful analysis software A central element of the TGI  proposition is a specially developed suite of analysis software  enabling subscribers to conduct powerful analyses for  themselves, ranging from simple cross‐tabulations to complex  multivariate segmentations according to factors of relevance.

Market Overview

  • Essential market insights to help expand into a new category or
  • Evaluate the opportunities for expanding your brand into new markets
  • Facilitate market evaluation ‐ gain a broad understanding of market dynamics and your potential customers
  • Gain insight on your potential new customers
  • Evolve your marketing strategy through further knowledge of:
  • The size of the market
  • The demographic profiles
  • The trends over time
  • Who the leading players are

Brand scape/Mediascape

  • Gain an overview of the makes and brands landscape to help steer your marketing strategies
  • Evaluate which consumer groups offer the best opportunities
  • Predict what might happen in the future ‐ appreciate how makes and brands have performed over time
  • Understand the motivations behind makes and brand choice ‐
  • identify the key attitudinal themes that differentiate users
  • Refine your approach ‐ identify the key attitudinal differences and similarities between users of competing brands

User 360 degree perspective and Targeting them

  • A better understanding of existing and potential customers
  • Engage your customers on a more personal level
  • Ensure the personality of your makes and brand correlates with the lifestyles of its owners and users
  • Tap into your customers’ interests ‐ understand their favorite newspaper sections, music, films and TV programs
  • Develop marketing strategies that are relevant to your customers get a grip over what motivates them
  • Identify interesting sponsorship opportunities that exist for your target audience

New Enhancements

  • Cross Media Planning Module
  • Understand Internet Incremental Reach Over Other Media Vehicles
  • Readership Survey Questionnaire integrated and Press Media Optimization
  • TV Programs
  • Outdoor Media including Metro
  • Online Newspaper, Smartphone, lifestyles and many more


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