SCCL Junior Assistant Key& Question Paper 2015

Singareni conducted SCCL junior assistant GRADE-II (WRITTEN TEST) held on 11.10.2015 in 4 districts of Telangana (Karimnagar, warangal, adilabad, Khammam). JNTU was prepared question paper for SCCL.

Medium of Question paper is English Only.

No negative Marking for wrong Answer

Duration of Exam- 2 hours

Total No. of Questions- 150

Question Paper Booklet Codes- A, B, C, D

SCCL Junior Assistant Key& Question Paper 2015

Here we are providing SCCL Jr assistant Questions and Answers based on Memory. Candidates who had written Exam can participate in Discussion & Post their Experience, questions unanswered, questions left here through comments in Comment Box, which will be helpful for others.


Feeble antonym – Strong

Annihilate Synonym- destroy

------ Love is such----- beautiful thing. – No article, a

Term used to refer “Not in use for a long time ” -

Trust opposite- Un trust

Massage for muscle neck- Knead

Question Tag for “She Does not speak” – Does she?

Question related to Active voice, passive voice


Army day – 15th January

International Yoga day – 21st June

National youth day 12th January celebrated on the birthday of - Swami Vivekananda

World Water Day - March 22

September 11 WTC attack was in the year - 2001

Durand cup related to – Football

Lee Kuan Yew is Father of – Singapore

Osmania University Established in- 1918

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Established In the Year- 1985

Oldest mountains in India- Aravalli range

White city of Rajasthan- Udaipur

Study of coins- Numismatics

National Science Centre located at – Delhi

Humidity Measurement device- hygrometer

Ozone is protecting from- ultraviolet light

Indian Science Congress 2015 held at -Mumbai

Entology is the study of - dynamic relativity.

First Chief of the Army Staff, India- Rajendrasinhji Jadeja

First Atomic Power Station – Tarapur

Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award given by - CSIR

Rajyasabha members were elected by- Elected members of legislative assembly

Hind Swaraj book written by Mohandas K. Gandhi

gilt-edged Markets- Government securities

Pressure cooker cooks fast because- Temperature increased higher than boiling point of water

India's first Scorpene class submarine- INS KALVARI

Why is Iodine used in salt- To prevent from thyroid gland problem.

SCCL Junior Assistant-CURRENT AFFAIRS    

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the first indigenously developed and manufactured Rotavirus vaccine which prevent diarrhea.- Rotavac

Planning Commission is replaced by - NITI AYOG

2015 FIFA Women's World Cup won by- United States (USA)

Padma vibhushan for the year 2015 is not given to- Jagadish

Question related to Telangana govt scheme- Mission Kakatiya

Which University Named PV Narasimha Rao University- Veterinary University

2015 Cricket ODI world cup Man of the Torment - Mitchell Starc

2022 Winter Olympics will be held at - Beijing, China

Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Director-          Aditya Vikram Sengupta (Asha Jaoar Majhe)

First Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award winner- Amitabh Bachchan

Startup India Standup India is for- Entrepreneurs

BRICS 2015 summit held at – Russia

Golden peacock National Quality award 2015- Delhi International Airport

Newly formed country - South Sudan

India signed Mou with which country for Railway Technical Cooperation - Slovak Republic

Blast in Brahma temple – Thailand

Tableaux award 2015- Maharashtra

Who is the partner of Leander Paes in mixed doubles of Australian open - Martina Hingis.

Which year was announced by finance ministry in budget as AmrutMahotsav- 2022

India signed agreement with which international body for national cyclone risk mitigation programme- World Bank

India’s first Tsunami Warning Center at – Uttarakhand

India's first CNG train for the Rewari- Rohtak section

Bharat bharati literature award 2014- Kashinath singh

China officially adds as staple diet – potato


Amuktamalyada is regarding- Poetry

Komaram Bheem relataed to - Ghondu Tribal

Abhignyana Shakunthalam written by- Kalidasu

Eka Brahmana is titles of - Gautami Putra Satakarni

Last Mughal Emperor- Bahadur Shah Zafar

Questions related to - chola

Questions related to – badami chalukyas

Nayakas in Kakathiya Administration- Military Heads

Nizam who prohibited Vatti- Osman Ali khan

East Indian Association was established by- Dadabhai Naoroji.

Ghatikas- Brahmanic educational institutions

Doctrine of Jainism- Syadvada

Mughal ruler who prohibited sati- Akbar

Who introduces Persian festival Nauroz –

Which crop was introduced by Portugese in India- Tobacco

First deity of sangam age – Shiva

The Ship that transported England to the New World – May Flower

Mahabalipuram was built during- Narasimhavarman I

Cholas royal emblem – Tiger

First Indian president of UN General Assembly- VijayalakshmiPandit

Who propagated Ashoka to Buddhism-upagupta

Robin hood of India –

Which animal was frequently appeared on seals in Indus civilization- Unicorn


If a person sells two items at the 924 price; one at a gain of 20 % and another at a loss of 20 %, then the seller incurs- 4% loss

If compound interest earned for two years is Rs.252 at rate of interest 10% per annum. Then what is the principal amount- 1200

A is 10% less than B. Then B is how much % greater than A- 11.1%

If speed of trains in the ratio 3:4:5, then what is the ratio of time taken 20:15:12

Father age is 3 times to the age of his son. Product of their ages is 972. Then the ratio of ages of father and son after 6 years- 5:2

A can do a work in 4 days, B can do that work in 8 days. Both together can work for 2 days and B Left. How many days A should work alone to finish the remaining work.- 1 day

Average of weights of 15 members is 30. Average weights of fist 8 members is 32, Average weight of last 8 members is 28. What is the weight of 8th Person-30

X% OF X+ Y%OF Y+Z% OF Z Given and, X% OF Y+ Y%OF Z+Z% OF X Given. Then find X+Y+Z – Use Formula (X + Y + Z)2 = X2 +Y2 + Z2 + 2(XY+YZ+ZX)

2 questions related to-Venn diagram

3 Questions related to - Percentages

2 Questions related to – Time and work

1 Questions related to – Time& speed (Train)

2 Questions related to – Partnership

3 Questions related to – logical reasoning series

2 Questions related to – data sufficiency

1 Questions related to – Heights and distance

1 Questions related to – mensuration

3 Questions related to - fractions


Software used for Mail services- Microsoft Outlook

Option used to make changes in Document- Edit

Which of the following is not a font style- Regular

Header& footer is appeared in – All the pages

Which of the following is not a search engine- Safari

SQL stands for- Structured Query Language

Hard Disk is example of – Nonvolatile Memory

Which of the following is not an OS- Oracle

MS Office is- Application package

Output device used to take print of picture on paper- Platter

In PowerPoint, open a presentation- CTRL+O

In Power point, what is used to get same pattern for all the slides – Template

Smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device- Pixel

Generations of Computer Based on?-

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