RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 1st, 2nd, 3rd Shift Key Pdf


RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper Key- Centralized Employment Notice CEN No: 02/2018 – Railway Recruitment Board RRB conducting Online Exam/ Computer Based Test CBT from 17th September to 14th December 2018 for the recruitment of 62907 Group D vacancies under Centralized Employment Notice CEN No: 02/2018 – These Group D vacancies include posts like Track Maintainer, Helper etc. RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper & Key is given below.

Shift I (9-10.30 am), Shift II (12.30-2 pm) & Shift III (4-5.30 pm).

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RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper Key

RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper with Answers key is available now. Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science, General awareness and Current Affairs Questions asked in RRB Group D Question Paper & Answers Key – 22 October 2018. General Knowledge/General Studies GK Questions asked in RRB Group D Online Test held on 16.10.2018 Morning 1st Shift, Afternoon 2nd Shift, Evening 3rd Shift are given below. RRB Group D Previous Question Papers with Answers. You can also download RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper in Pdf Format.

RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 1st Shift Key – Morning

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RRB 22 October 2018 -1st, 2nd, 3rd Shift Question Paper Key

RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 2nd Shift Key – Afternoon

RRB 22 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 3rd Shift Key – Evening

 General Science & Current Affairs

  • When was Mendeleev Periodic Table was published? (1869)
  • Who is the Director of MOM? (Ravi Udyawar)
  • What is the Atomic Weight of Chlorine? (35.453 u ± 0.002 u)
  • Who is the Founder of Solanki Dynasty? (Mularaja)
  • Who is the Brand Ambassador of GST? (Amitabh Bachchan)
  • What is the chemical name of Brimstone? (Sulfur)
  • Which planet is called the sister of Earth? (Venus)
  • Who is the Governor of Sikkim? (Ganga Prasad)
  • Who wrote the book “I am s Girl of color? (Deanna Singh)
  • Who launched “Innovative India Platform recently? (Arvind Gupta)
  • Who invented X-ray? (Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen)
  • Which element has the symbol “W”? (Tungsten)
  • Amma cement Yojna is related to which Indian state? (Tamil nadu)
  • Where is the Indian Dairy Research Centre located? (Near Jewels Hotel, GT Rd, Karnal, Haryana 132001)
  • Which part of the human body gets affected by rabies? (central nervous system including the brain and spinal cord of humans and animals)
  • Mahatma Gandhi was the Editor for which weekly newspaper? (Harijan)
  • Molecular Mass of Carbon Monoxide? (28)
  • What is the capital of Argentina? (Buenos Aires)
  • Recently, The Govt. accepted the fusion of Vodafone with another Telecom Company? (Idea Company)
  • Mendel completed his experiment with which plant? (pea plants)
  • SI unit of Power? (Watt)
  • Nehru Trophy is related to which sports? (Indian Football)
  • Who won Padma Bhushan 2018? (MS Dhoni)
  • Shikha Tandon is related to which sport? (Swimming)
  • Who wrote Humayunama? (Gulbadan Begum)
  • Author of the book “Midnight Children”? (Salman Rushdie)
  • Which day was 21st January 1972? (Friday)
  • Currency of Argentina? (Argentine peso)
  • Smallest bone in human body? (Stapes)
  • Who is Chief Minister of Sikkim? (Pawan Kumar Chamling)
  • Who is the Ceo of Adobe? (Shantanu Narayen)
  • What is the ranking of India in Test Cricket? (1)
  • Who won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 2017 in Weightlifting? (Sakshi Malik)
  • What is the scientific name of VItamin B12? (B Complex Vitamin, Bedumil, Cobalamin)
  • In which group Xenon is placed? (group 18 of the periodic table)
  • Sodium is kept in which oil? (Kerosene)
  • Who is the CM of Andhra Pradesh? (Nara Chandrababu Naidu)
  • Satyagrah was started in which year? (1917)
  • In 24 hours, how many times do both hands of the clock coincide? (22 Times)
  • Who is CEO of ICICI ? (Sandeep Bakhshi)
  • Who is the Cm of Goa? (Manohar Parrikar)
  • Who is the Chief Justice of Supreme Court? (Jagdish Singh Khehar)
  • Sudhir Tirpathi is the Chief Secretary of which state? (Ranchi)
  • Which the largest outer organ of a Human body? (Skin)
  • Who is the Full form of NITI? (National Institution for Transforming India)
  • Who is the Director of the film “Bareily ki Barfi”? (Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari)
  • What will be the Mass of 10 moles of CO2 mass?  (440)
  • Ringworm is what caused by? (Fungal)
  • Which is the Heaviest Metal? (Ca, Au, Pt, Mg)
  • Who invented saffron?
  • M-Sehat Yojna is related to which Indian state?
  • Which India’s first paperless Newspaper?
  • What is the image on Rs 200 note?
  • What is the WBC count in blood?
  • The city of Pune is located on the banks of which river?
  • Who is the writer of “Recasting India: How Entrepreneurship is changing the world’s largest Democracy”?
  • 1 Numerical on Potential energy?
  • From which language had Botany originated?
  • 2,8,3 electronic configuration is related to which group or period?
  • If we mix any metal with mercury, then what is the result called?

Mathematics & Reasoning

  • If there are 2 containers with a composition of milk and water. The first container has this composition in the ratio 2:3 while the second has it in the ratio 7:3. If both the mixtures are mixed, then what is the composition of milk and water in the new mixture? (11:9)
  • CP of 2 books is 1200. Book A is sold for 20% profit and Book B is sold fo 16% profit. CP of each book? (900 & 300)
  • If, Interest Rate is 25% How much time will it take to double the principle? (4 years)
  • If a person walking with speed x reduces his speed to 3/5th of his original speed, then he takes 20 mins more to cover the same distance. What is the time taken by him originally? (30mins)
  • Find the 10th term when the nth term = a + (n-1) d?  (19)
  • What is the sum of first 100 whole numbers? (20100)
  • 15, 17, 19, 23, 29, ? (31)
  • If a Product’s SP is Rs. 324 with a loss of 25%. What should be the SP such that it gains 25% profit? (590/-).
  • In a Triangle, angle A=90 angle C = 60. Then, find 2SinA – 2CosB + 3Tan(A/2). (4)
  • Rate= 5%, T=2 Yrs, Yearly installment= Rs 882. Find the Principle?
  • If an article is sold @Rs. 354, a person incurs a loss of 25%. Then at what price should he sell the article to gain a profit of 25%?

One question related to

  • Simplification
  • Trigonometry
  • AP GP
  • Coding Decoding
  • Mirror Image
  • Simplification

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