RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 1st, 2nd, 3rd Shift Key Pdf

RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper Key- Centralized Employment Notice CEN No: 02/2018 - Railway Recruitment Board RRB conducting Online Exam/ Computer Based Test CBT from 17th September to 14th December 2018 for the recruitment of 62907 Group D vacancies under Centralized Employment Notice CEN No: 02/2018 - These Group D vacancies include posts like Track Maintainer, Helper etc. RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper & Key is given below.

Shift I (9-10.30 am), Shift II (12.30-2 pm) & Shift III (4-5.30 pm).

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RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper Key

RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper with Answers key is available now. Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science, General awareness and Current Affairs Questions asked in RRB Group D Question Paper & Answers Key – 12 October 2018. General Knowledge/General Studies GK Questions asked in RRB Group D Online Test held on 12.10.2018 Morning 1st Shift, Afternoon 2nd Shift, Evening 3rd Shift are given below. RRB Group D Previous Question Papers with Answers. You can also download RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper in Pdf Format.

RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 1st Shift Key - Morning

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RRB 12 October 2018 -1st, 2nd, 3rd Shift Question Paper Key

RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 2nd Shift Key - Afternoon

RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Question Paper 3rd Shift Key - Evening

General Science & Current Affairs

  • Who invented the Polio vaccine? (Dr. Jonas Salk)
  • Finance secretary of India? (Hasmukh Adhia)
  • Polio vaccine was discoverd by? (Albert Sabin)
  • In which year was Ved Samaj established in Madras? (1864)
  • Indian Idol winner 2018? (Sreeramchandra)
  • Which element will melt at room temperature if you place it in hand? (Gallium)
  • Percentage of Blood in our body? (The amount of blood in the human body is generally equivalent to 7 percent of body weight)
  • Oscar Winning movie 2018? (The Shape of Water)
  • Full form of MSP? (Minimum Support Price)
  • Who was awarded with Tata lifetime achievement award 2017? (Girish Karnad)
  • Winner of Australian Open (Women) 2018? (Caroline Wozniacki)
  • IPL session 10 winner? (Chennai super kings)
  • Who is the Finance Secretary of India? (Hasmukh Adhia)
  • Who is the CM of Gujarat? (vijay Rupani)
  • Group 1 elements in periodic table are called? (Alkali Metals)
  • Valence electron of sodium? ([Ne] 3s1)
  • CEO of WIPRO? (Abidali Neemuchwala)
  • Male chromosomes consists of ? (XY)
  • How many elements are there in the 4th group of the periodic table? (five)
  • Vivekananda Airport , Raipur won which award? (Prestigius Award)
  • Kathakali dance is from which state? (Kerala)
  • CM of Himachal Pradesh? (Jai Ram Thakur)
  • Chairman of NITI Ayog? (Narendra Modi)
  • Who completed 6000 runs in Women's Cricket in ODI Cricket? (Mithali Raj)
  • Military Exercise us conducted between which two countries? (Japan and India)
  • In which year did Arundhati Roy receive Man Booker Prize? (1997)
  • Who was Winner of Pritzker prize 2018? (B. V. Doshi)
  • Formulae for Ethanoid Acid? (CH3COOH)
  • Somdev devarman is associated with which field? (Tennis)
  • No 1 Cricketer 2018 according to ICC test rankings ? (Virat kohli)
  • Author of the book "Exam Warrior"? (Narendra Modi)
  • Which acid is found in lemons? (Citric acid)
  • Barbados Capital? (Bridgetown)
  • 2017 Snooker Championship Winners? (Mark Selby)
  • Brand Ambassador for Educate Girls? (Katrina Kaif)
  • Triple Talaaq draft bill was endorsed by which state for the first time? (UP)
  • Who won 63rd Jio Lifetime Acheivement Award ? (Bappi Lahiri)
  • If resistance in a wire is 6 ohm and the wire is extended to double? What will be the resistance now?
  • In a convex lens, if an object is placed at F1, then were will be the image formed?
  • In a periodic table, which period doesn't have metalloids?
  • What is the minimum age to vote in Gorakhpur zone?

Mathematics & Reasoning

  • Venn Diagram - Dog, Cat, Bird?
  • root of 0.8 ? (0.894)
  • root of 1296? (36)
  • How many Odd days are there in a leap year? (2 Days)
  • 95807, what should be the value of * so that it is completely divisible by 9?
  • Find the HCF of (54,162,189)?
  • If BUT=YFG, then REM= ?
  • In a class, the ratio of boy is to girl is 4:7. So find out the total number of students in the class?
  • Find the difference between CI and SI, if P=28560, R=15%, T=3 yrs?

One question related to  

  • Statement & Conclusion?
  • Counting Figure?
  • Coding Decoding?
  • Time & Work?
  • Mensuration ?
  • Syllogisms?
  • Geometry (Triangles)?
  • Analogy?
  • BODMAS (Simplification)?

Click here to download RRB 12 October 2018 Group D Paper in Pdf Format

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