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What is iLook

  • iLook is a Professional Social Networking Website for Freshers, Working Professionals, Employed, Job Seekers, Recruiters, Companies, Students and Business People. The website provides a platform for the users
  • To get linked with their links and build their Professional network.
  • To search jobs,
  • To find talents for the recruiters, companies ,
  • To post job openings,
  • To promote, market and advertise Company’s products/services.
  • To share their knowledge with their contacts.
  • To get updated with the relevant industries, sectors, domains etc,
  • To get leads for the Business,
  • To get updated with the News.
  • To get Career advices.
  • To get in touch with the contacts instantly using instant messaging.
  • To access the services in iOS and Android devices.

Uniqueness of iLook

There are many ways in which iLook is unique of its kind, But the following are the ones that

are quite important to mention.

  •  iLook is Introducing a new concept of searching jobs or searching talents in an unique way using Skills. For example, anyone irrespective or job seeker/employed or a recruiter, will always search for jobs or look for talents in their specialised skills/area, Say for Eg..Photoshop, So, individual who is looking to build their career in Photoshop and also recruiters who are looking for talents with Photoshop skills will follow this skill. So, the individual person, when search for this skill will find the recruiters who are following this Photoshop skill and easily get in touch with those recruiters to find out a job opportunity and the vice versa also true. So, this brings both the individual and recruiter under one platform enabling easy contacts.
  • iLook is Introducing a unique concept called Dual Wall. In General, any Networking website like Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter etc, there will be just one News feed/Wall. iLook is bringing a Dual Wall concept. So, in the first wall called Home will have all the Professional activities such as sharing job openings, sharing talent availability sharing articles/urls, and status updates. All these are Professional side wall updates. Now, there is another Wall/News feed which we call it ‘Display’ which will display only photos which is a semi-professional or semi-casual wall. So, users can share photos related to their professional world such as Works, Projects, Portfolios, Team lunch, Team, Team outings, Team dinner, Christmas party, New year party, Birthday celebrations at work, Office work place, Team selfie and so on.
  • iLook is again introducing a Unique concept (among the Market players) of the Instant Messaging ie chatting with the contacts. It is very much required in this fast moving technology world instant communication tool as people do not have time to wait. There are high percentage of chances and are happening in the world, that the Business deals, Appropriate Talent, Suitable Jobs are missed just in seconds. So, instant messaging is very very important in this Professional Networking website. So, iLook is introducing instant messaging in Android and iOS device during launch and then later in the website in the future.
  • iLook empowers women especially home makers. They have lots of potential and ilook provide them with a platform to showcase their skills.
  • All the services are completely free in iLook while other market leading Professional Networking Platform charges heavily for each and every services (eg, 1 job posting is 400 USD) .



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