IBPS Reasoning Ability Questions & Answers Model Papers

IBPS Reasoning Ability Questions. IBPS Reasoning Ability Preparation Test Quiz. IBPS Reasoning Mock Test to practice the Reasoning Ability in IBPS Common Written Examination.

IBPS Reasoning Ability Questions will cover topics from Verbal Reasoning. Total 50 questions out of 200 Marks will be given for Reasoning Ability in PO and Specialist Officer Examinations and 40 questions out of 200 Marks Clerk, RRB, Office Assistant Posts.

Try to Answer the Reasoning Ability Questions for IBPS CWE Exam given below and test your knowledge in the Reasoning Section.

IBPS Reasoning Ability Questions Quiz

Directions (1-3): Read the following information to answer these questions.

I. R Ψ S means R is mother of S

II. R ε S means R is Sister of S

III. R $ S means R is Father of S

IV. R # S means R is Brother of S

1. Which of the following means D is definitely daughter of A?

(A) A $ B # C # D   (B) C Ψ A $ D ε B   (C) A Ψ C $ B ε D   (D) B Ψ A $ C # D  (E) None of these

2.Which of the Following means R is brother of T?

(A) R Ψ S # U $ T   (B) U Ψ R # S # T   (C) U Ψ R ε S # T   (D) K # R $ S ε T  (E) None of these

3. Which of the Following means A is nephew of C?

(A) D # C $ B # A ε E   (B) A # B $ D ε E $ C   (C) C # D $ B # A $ E   (D) B Ψ E # C $ E ε A (E) None of these

Directions 4-5: What Should come in place of question mark (?) in the series

4. Q331T, U442X, Y553A, ?

(A) Z665D   (B) C664C   (C) B666D   (D) B664F (E) None of these

5. RL12, TQ20, WU32, AX48, ?

(A) EZ68   (B) FZ68   (C) GZ68   (D) HZ68 (E) None of these

IBPS Reasoning Ability Model Papers

6. The Son of A is father of C and Maternal grandfather of D. E is the Daughter of C and Sister of B. How is A related to B ?

(A) Grandfather   (B) Grandmother   (C) Great grand uncle  (D) All of the Above (E) None of the above

Directions (7-9): Study the following information and answer the given questions.

Y is the Sister of J. L is the wife of J. L has only one son R. K is the mother of L. K is married to D. D has only one son and only one daughter.

As per the given information

7. How is J related to K?

(A) Son  (B) Son-in-law  (C) Niece  (D) Nephew (E) Daughter-in-Law

8. How is R related to Y?

(A) Nephew (B) Cannot be determined  (C) Uncle  (D) Niece (E) Aunt

9. If L is the Sister of B, then how is B related to J?

(A) Sister-in-law (B) Cannot be determined  (C) Brother  (D) Brother-in-law (E) Uncle

IBPS Reasoning Questions & Answers

Directions (10-15): In these questions two/three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II have been given. you have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Give Answer:

(A) If either conclusion I or II is true

(B) If neither conclusion I nor II is true

(C) If both conclusions I and II are true

(D) If only conclusion I is true

(E) If only conclusion II is true

10. Statements: All Apartments are houses. No Apartment is a motel.


I. Some houses being motels is a possibility

II. No house is a motel

11. Statements: All Plants are trees. Some trees are weeds. All weeds are shrubs.


I. No shrub is a plant

II. All Weeds being trees is a possibility

12. Statements: Some drinks are juices. All juices are beverages. No beverage is a solid.


I. No juice is a solid.

II. No drink is a solid.

13. Statements: Some drinks are juices. All juices are beverages. No beverage is a solid.


I. Some drinks are beverages.

II. All drinks are beverages.

14. Statements: All Plants are trees. Some trees are weeds. All weeds are shrubs.


I. At least some trees are shrubs

II. All plants being shrubs is a possibility

15. Statements: All snakes are reptiles. Some reptiles are turtles. No turtle is a bird.


I. All Reptiles being birds is a possibility

II. No snake is a turtle

Answers:  1. B    2. B    3. C    4. B    5. B    6. E   7. B   8. A   9. B   10. D   11. E  12.D  13.A   14.C  15.D

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