IBPS Previous Question Paper for Specialist Officer (IT)

IBPS Previous Question Paper (IT Officer)

IBPS invites applications from eligible candidates for the recruitment of Specialist Officers - IBPS IT Officer, Agricultural Field Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Law Officer, HR/Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer. The IBPS Specialist Officers online examination for the next Common Recruitment Process (CRP) for selection of personnel Specialist Officers’ cadre posts in the Participating Organisations is tentatively scheduled in January 2016. IBPS Solved Question Paper for Specialist Officer, IBPS Previous Question Paper with Answers, IBPS Specialist Officer Questions & Answers, IBPS IT Officer Professional Knowledge Online Test, Quiz, Mock Test, IBPS previous papers of Specialist Officer (IT Officer)

IBPS Specialist Officer (IT) Question Paper Pattern & Syllabus 2015-16

  1. Reasoning - 50 Questions
  2. English Language - 25 Questions
  3. General Awareness with special reference to Banking Industry - 50 Questions
  4. Professional Knowledge - 75 Questions

Total Marks – 200; Duration – 120 Minutes

IBPS Specialist Officer Study Material, IBPS Specialist Officer IT Preparation Books, IBPS Previous Question Paper with Answers in Pdf Format, IBPS Question Paper with Answers for Specialist Officer IT , IBPS Specialist IT Officer Questions & Answers are given below.

IBPS Previous Question Paper for Specialist Officer (IT)

  1. Web servers should be configured so that

1)            unauthorized access is always possible

2)            unauthorized access is restricted

3)            any form of access is impossible

4)            unauthorized access is sometimes possible

5)            unauthorized access is unrestricted

  1. Downloadable software extensions that add new features to a browser are known as

1) plug-in 2) cookies 3) framers 4) link 5) spam

3.____ is defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.

1) Computer forensics 2) Cracking 3) Networking 4) Digital crashing 5) Computer crime

  1. A ________ is a computer connected to two networks.

1) bridge way     2) server 3)         link         4) gateway 5) modem

  1. Unauthorized access to computers is called

1) other than those given as options 2) hacking 3) blasting 4)      a worm 5) a virus

  1. A ____store(s) data in two-dimensional tables.

1)            Hierarchical Database

2)            Table Database

3)            Relational Database

4)            Network and Hierarchical

5)            Network Database

  1. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of

1) spoofing         2) identify theft 3) hacking          4) personality theft 5) spooling

  1. Bookmarks can be organized by using

1) containers      2) folders 3) menus        4) tables 5) structures

  1. What markup language includes all of the features of HTML and programming extensions?

1) Applets           2) HTTP 3) SML  4) XML 5) FTP

  1. A table in a relational database terminology is synonymous with

1) a value 2) a row 3) an attribute             4) a column 5) a relation

IBPS IT Officer Online Test Questions & Answers - Section Wise

Quantitative Aptitude -- Reasoning Ability -- Computer Awareness -- General Awareness -- Current Affairs

  1. Metadata does not enable database designers users to

1)            understand what the data mean

2)            know what the fine distinctions are between similar data items

3)            understand what data exist

4)            sample data

5)            know more about the data

  1. Which of the following is true of client-side extensions? They add functionally to the

1) network          2) server 3) browser       4) firewall 5) firewall and network

  1. A(n) ______is a method that will automatically execute when an object is instantiated.

1) inheritor         2) destructor 3) parameter          4) constructor 5) overloaded method

14) An internet diary or grouping of ongoing commentaries is known as a(n)

1) blog  2) electronic email 3) mailbox     4) cookie 5) plug-in

  1. Gain entry to a network pretending to be at a legitimate computer is referred to as

1)ID theft 2)Network gate crashing 3)spoofing 4)IP spoofing 5)forging

  1. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is a

1) micro virus     2) virus 3) Trojan horse  4) worm 5) macro virus

  1. When you visit certain Websites spyware may be automatically downloaded. This is called a

1) drive by download 2) logic bomb 3) spybot     4) drive in download 5) virus

  1. The program that allows the OS to work with a printer or a video card is a(n)

1) utility 2) driver 3) applet          4) contractor 5) system call

  1. A ROLLBACK command in a transaction

1)            undoes the effects of the last UPDATE com¬mand

2)            restores the content of the database to its state at the end of the previous day

3)            does nothing

4)            makes sure that all changes to the database are in effect

5)            undoes all changes to the database resulting from the execution of the transaction

  1. ______ refers to the contracting of a specific business task to a third-party service provider.

1)            Outer sourcing

2)            Offshore outsourcing

3)            In sourcing

4)            Business process outsourcing

5)            Cross functioning

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