IBPS IT Officer Solved Question Paper - Professional Knowledge

IBPS IT Officer Solved Question Paper

IBPS invites applications from eligible candidates for the recruitment of Specialist Officers - IBPS IT Officer, Agricultural Field Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Law Officer, HR/Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer. The IBPS Specialist Officers online examination for the next Common Recruitment Process (CRP) for selection of personnel Specialist Officers’ cadre posts in the Participating Organisations is tentatively scheduled in January 2016. IBPS IT Officer Solved Question Paper, IBPS IT Officer Previous Question Paper with Answers Key, IBPS Specialist Officer (IT - Professional Knowledge) Questions & Answers, IBPS IT Officer Professional Knowledge Online Test, Quiz, Mock Test.

IBPS IT Officer Question Paper Pattern & Syllabus 2015-16

  1. Reasoning - 50 Questions
  2. English Language - 25 Questions
  3. General Awareness with special reference to Banking Industry - 50 Questions
  4. Professional Knowledge - 75 Questions

Total Marks – 200; Duration – 120 Minutes

IBPS Specialist Officer IT Question Paper with Answers, IBPS Specialist IT Officer Questions & Answers are given below.

IBPS IT Officer Solved Question Paper (Professional Knowledge)

  1. CRM uses information about _____ to establish long term relationships.

1) industry contacts 2) customers 3) competitions 4) countries 5) culture

  1. Broadband connections include all of the following except

1) DSL    2) cable modems 3) telephone modems 4) USB modems 5) satellites

  1. FTP Stands for

1)First Transfer Preference 2) File Transfer Protocol 3) File Transactions Processes 4) Folder Transfer Protocol

  1. TCP / IP stands for

1)            Translation Computing Procedures / International Protocols

2)            Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

3)            Transmission Control Procedures / Internet Procedures

4)            Transaction Computing Printing / Internet Processing

5)            Transmitter Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

  1. This address changes temporarily as the applications connect to the internet .

1)            static IP address

2)            unique IP address

3)            dynamic IP address

4)            common name and number

5)            derived IP address

  1. ______ tags on goods enable the tracking of the goods electronically.

1) RFD  2) ISP 3) GPS      4) IMD 5) ASTM

  1. Web pages can be created using

1)            only Web authoring software

2)            only Microsoft products

3)            only Microsoft Front Page

4)            only Macromedia Dreamweaver

5)            any word processer

  1. A list of web pages visited during the current session is kept in the browser 's

1) favourites      2) trail 3) cache  4) dump 5) history

  1. An IDS does not

1)            try to identify attempts to hack into a computer system

2)            monitor packets passing over the network

3)            transmit message packets to the correct destination

4)            set up deception systems that attempt to trap hackers

5)            provide any form of security to a computer system

  1. Ti and T3 connections are considered

1)            direct satellite connections

2)            complex connections

3)            dial-up connections

4)            direct connections

5)            broadband

IBPS IT Officer Online Test Questions & Answers - Section Wise

Quantitative Aptitude -- Reasoning Ability -- Computer Awareness -- General Awareness -- Current Affairs

  1. The key in a relational database links one table to another.

1) secondary      2) relational 3) operational           4) linker 5) foreign

  1. URL stands for

1)            Unique Representation Location

2)            Uniform Resource Locator

3)            Uniform Resource Location

4)            Unique Resource Locator

5)            Universal Resource Location

  1. A text or on image which, when clicked, takes the user to another Web site / page

1) AWiki               2) A hyperlink 3)              The top-level domain 4)                An e-mail             5) A blog

  1. A(n)___ accesses the database and data dictionary in a DBMS as they exist on a storage device.

1) application generation sub system

2) DBMS engine

3)Data engine

4)data administration system

5)data definition sub system

  1. Which of the following is a small program em-bedded within a GIF image?

1) web bug         2) cookie 3) web deceiver            4) spam 5) spyware application

  1. ____ allows the use of an internet connection for making phone calls.

1) Vol?  2) FTP 3) DSL      4) F2b2C 5) TCP/IP

  1. The scrambling of code is known as

1) password proofing 2) deception 3) encryption 4) Fix walling   5) Scrambling

  1. The hierarchical database organizes data in a(n)

1) flat file 2) tuple 3) OODBMS   4) relation file 5) treelike structure

  1. The formal set of rules, through which computers communicate, are called

1) protocols        2) patterns 3) standards                4) algorithms 5) controller

  1. The main interface in Windows and OS X is a(n) ____ interface.

1)command line 2)embedded 3)graphical 4) embedded and neural 5) neural

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