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IBPS Current Affairs Questions and Answers. IBPS Current Affairs Preparation Test Quiz. IBPS Current Affairs Mock Test to practice the Current Affairs (General & Banking Awareness ) in IBPS Common Written Examination.

Current Affairs is the easiest part in the IBPS because which is time saving but confusing part in the CWE Exam. Most of the questions are based on General Awareness & Banking Awareness Sections. Try to score maximum marks in the Current Affairs which contains 40 Marks in the IBPS CWE.

Try to answer the IBPS Current Affairs Questions mentioned below and check your knowledge in General Awareness.

IBPS Current Affairs Questions Online Test

1. Dodoma is the Capital City of ......?

  1. Algeria
  2. Nigeria
  3. Tanzania
  4. Uzbekistan
  5. None of these

2. Agaria tribe belongs to which state...?

  1. Uttar Pradesh
  2. Bihar
  3. Chhattisgarh
  4. Madhya Pradesh
  5. None of these

3. Who is chief minister of Tamil Nadu?

  1. O Paneer Selvam
  2. Jayalalita
  3. Tambi Durai
  4. Karuna Nidhi
  5. None of these

4. IFSC Code contains how many digits?

  1. 11 Alpha Numeric Code
  2. 8 Alpha Numeric Code
  3. 9 Alpha Numeric Code
  4. 10 Alpha Numeric Code
  5. None of these

5. 'Smart Star' account opened by which of the following bank?

  1. Axis Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. State Bank of India
  5. None of these

IBPS Banking Awareness Question & Answers

6. Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant is located at ...?

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Gujarat
  4. Maharashtra
  5. None of these

7. According to WHO which of the following country has the highest rate of child marriage?

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Pakistan
  4. Nepal
  5. None of these

8. DIGC insurance cover is  headed by...?

  1. Finance Ministry
  2. Central Government
  3. Reserve Bank of India
  4. SEBI
  5. None of these

9. MTSS expand ....?

  1. Money Transfer Service Scheme
  2. Money Transaction Security Scheme
  3. Money Transfer Security Service
  4. Money Transaction Service Scheme
  5. None of these

10. Faithful friendly is the tagline of which bank..?

  1. Bank of Baroda
  2. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  3. Vijaya Bank
  4. Syndicate Bank
  5. None of these

IBPS General Awareness Question Online Test

11. R. Koteeswaran is the CMD of which Bank?

  1. Punjab National Bank
  2. Bank of Maharashtra
  3. Indian Overseas Bank
  4. Union Bank of India
  5. None of these

12. Bank of International Settlement Head Quarters ...?

  1. Switzerland
  2. New York
  3. Singapore
  4. London
  5. None of these

13. " Hard Choice " is Written by....?

  1. Arundathi Roy
  2. Chetan Bhagat
  3. Kushwanth Singh
  4. Hillary Clinton
  5. None of these

14. Ngultrum is the currency of which country...?

  1. Maldives
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Bhutan
  4. Bangladesh
  5. None of these

15. The Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT has said the new service tax would applicable from June 1st, 2015 which will be levied at...?

  1. 12.5%
  2. 14%
  3. 13%
  4. 13.5%
  5. 14.5%

Answers: 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A  5. B 6. C 7.B  8. B 9. A 10. D 11. C 12. A 13. D  14. C 15. B

IBPS CWE Questions & Answers Section wise Preparation Material

Quantitative Aptitude  --  Reasoning Ability --  Computer Awareness --  General Awareness

Special Thanks to Bellapukonda Laxman and Venkat Ram Reddy Udumala for contributing questions related to Current Affairs

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