IBPS Banking Awareness Questions Online Model Paper

IBPS Banking Awareness Questions & Answers Online Practice Test. IBPS General Awareness with Special Reference to the Banking Industry Questions. IBPS Banking Awareness Online Mock Test.

In IBPS Common Written Examination CWE Banking Awareness questions will be asked in the General Awareness Section in IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB examinations. As like General Awareness part Banking Awareness is also easily scored by following current affairs.

Try to answer the IBPS Banking Awareness Questions mentioned below and check your knowledge in GK in Banking Awareness.

IBPS Banking Awareness Questions Online Quiz

1. Paper Currency first started in India in...?

  1. 1862
  2. 1542
  3. 1601
  4. 1880
  5. None of these

2. Short term finance is usually for a period ranging up to....?

  1. 5 Months
  2. 10 Months
  3. 12 Months
  4. 15 Months
  5. None of these

3. A Friend you can Bank upon is the tagline of which bank...?

  1. UCO Bank
  2. Yes Bank
  3. Punjab and Sindh Bank
  4. Vijaya Bank
  5. None of these

4. FSLRC expand.....?

  1. Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission
  2. Financial Service Legislative Reunion Commission
  3. Financial Sector Legal Reforms Commission
  4. Financial Service Legal Responsibility commission
  5. None of these

5. The finance bill 2015-16 envisages merging the forward market commission with...?

  1. Reserve Bank of India
  2. Securities and Exchange Board of India
  3. Competition Commission of India
  4. Finance Commission
  5. NITI Ayog

IBPS General Awareness Solved Questions

6. Which Bank has started India's first contact less credit and debit card facility..?

  1. State Bank of India (SBI)
  2. Punjab National Bank
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. ICICI Bank
  5. None of these

7. In which city the statue of Mahatma Gandi made by British Sculpture Philip Jackson was unveiled by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on 14th March 2015...?

  1. New York
  2. Berlin
  3. Sydney
  4. Paris
  5. London

8. who has been appointed as the Vice Chairperson of NITI Ayog......?

  1. Arvind Panagariya
  2. Sindhusree Khullar
  3. Narendra Modi
  4. Rajnath Singh
  5. None of these

9. Where is the Head Quarters of Bharatiya Mahila Bank ...?

  1. Mumbai
  2. New Delhi
  3. Chennai
  4. Kolkata
  5. None of these

10. Banks are Nationalized in which of the following year...?

  1. 1969 & 1980
  2. 1968 & 1979
  3. 1970 & 1981
  4. 1967 & 1982
  5. None of these

IBPS Banking Awareness Sample Paper

11. Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in the year...?

  1. 1st April 1935
  2. 1st January 1937
  3. 1st January 1949
  4. 1st January 1945
  5. 1st April 1949

12.The 78 year old Stock exchange which has been permitted to exit by the Securities Exchange and Board of India (SEBI) under its exit policy recently...?

  1. United Stock Exchange
  2. Kolkata Stock Exchange
  3. Ahmedabad Stock Exchane
  4. Madras Stock Exchange
  5. None of these

13. During the recent visit by PM Narendra Modi to chaina, the two countries announced to establish provincial ties between China's sichuan and India's .....?

  1. Kerala
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Karnataka
  4. Maharashtra
  5. Gujarat

14. Which of the following is not a foreign bank...?

  1. ABN Amro Bank
  2. Standard Chartered Bank
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. BNP Paribas Bank
  5. Citi Bank

15. Who among the following is the new chairman of Indian Banks' Association (IBA)...?

  1. Chanda Kochhar
  2. Arun Kaul
  3. KR Kamath
  4. TM Bhasin
  5. None of these

Answers: 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. B  6. D 7.E 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. C 12.D 13.C 14. C  15.D

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