HINDU Editorial Wordlist 19 April 2017- English Vocabulary pdf


HINDU Editorial Wordlist 19 April 2017 and English Vocabulary based on The Hindu daily newspaper. Here we are listed the words used in The HINDU Editorial and providing the usage of words for easy learning. So that it will become very easy to improve vocabulary and learn new words.

English Vocabulary is the deciding factor in many Examinations. It has a major contribution in scoring. Candidate can get more marks with good vocabulary skills in no time. These words may appear in Bank exams ( IBPS, SBI), SSC Recruitment Exams (CGL), Railway Recruitment , Entrance Exams (CAT, GRE) and other competitive Exams conducted by state Public service commission.

The Hindu Newspaper Daily Wordlist 19 April 2017 pdf download

  1. Cement factory revival still a distant dream
  2. Mild tremors felt in parts of Karnataka
  3. Railways seek aid for unviable routes
  4. Sumptuous affair
  5. Spectre of water shortage in Pune
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: an improvement in the condition, strength, or fortunes of someone or something.

Synonyms: improvement, rallying, picking up, betterment, amelioration



Meaning: an involuntary quivering movement

Synonyms: trembling, shaking, shakiness, tremble, shake



Meaning: not capable of working successfully; not feasible.


Meaning: splendid and expensive-looking.

Synonyms: deluxe, opulent, magnificent, resplendent



Meaning: something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence.

Synonyms: menace, shadow, cloud, vision

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HINDU Editorial Wordlist 19 April 2017 – English Vocabulary pdf

The following words are taken from today’s Paper. The Hindu editorial wordlist, vocabulary, meanings and synonyms are very helpful for the IBPS Bank PO and SSC CGL aspirants. Candidates are requested to memorize some words every day. So that it will be useful to Crack the exam.

  1. perhaps had no choice but to have the working of the machines corroborated by a paper audit trail
  2. assured voters that there are enough procedural and technical safeguards to prevent large-scale tampering
  3. EVMs has resulted in a drastic reduction in electoral fraud (rigging, stuffing of ballot boxes,
  4. Committee on Health and Family Welfare that scrutinised the legislation.
  5. Delhi is increasingly looking like a grumpy old man constantly whining about age-old fears, stubbornly unwilling
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).

Synonyms: confirm, verify, endorse, ratify, authenticate, validate,



Meaning: interfere with (something) in order to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations.

Synonyms: monkey around, meddle, tinker, fiddle (about/around),



Meaning: a mixture used to stuff poultry or meat before cooking

synonyms: forcemeat, farce, salpicon; dressing



Meaning: examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.

 synonyms: examine carefully, inspect, survey, scan, study, look over, peruse



Meaning: in a manner that shows dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something.

Synonyms: stubborn as a mule, mulish, headstrong, wilful, strong-willed,

Here, we are providing HINDU Editorial Wordlist, The HINDU daily Wordlist, Editorial column word meanings and synonyms in pdf format also. Candidates can download the pdf from the link given.

HINDU Editorial Wordlist 19 April 2017  pdf download


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