HINDU Editorial Wordlist 13 April 2017- English Vocabulary pdf


HINDU Editorial Wordlist 13 April 2017 and English Vocabulary based on The Hindu daily newspaper. Here we are listed the words used in The HINDU Editorial and providing the usage of words for easy learning. So that it will become very easy to improve vocabulary and learn new words.

English Vocabulary is the deciding factor in many Examinations. It has a major contribution in scoring. Candidate can get more marks with good vocabulary skills in no time. These words may appear in Bank exams ( IBPS, SBI), SSC Recruitment Exams (CGL), Railway Recruitment , Entrance Exams (CAT, GRE) and other competitive Exams conducted by state Public service commission.

The Hindu Newspaper Daily Wordlist 13 April 2017 pdf download

  1. Akhilesh favourites shunted out
  2. Kohli trains at full throttle
  3. Lee unveils ‘Bowling Master
  4. Shimmering clicks, pulled-back beats
  5. Log out and sign into tranquillity
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: push or pull (a train or part of a train) from the main line to a siding or from one line of rails to another.


Meaning: attack or kill (someone) by choking or strangling them.

Synonyms: choke, strangle, strangulate, garrotte, asphyxiate



Meaning: show or announce publicly for the first time

Synonyms: reveal, present, disclose, divulge



Meaning: shine with a soft, slightly wavering light.

Synonyms: glint, glisten, flicker, twinkle, sparkle, flash, scintillate



Meaning: the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

Synonyms: restfulness, repose, reposefulness, calm, calmness,

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HINDU Editorial Wordlist 13 April 2017 – English Vocabulary pdf

The following words are taken from today’s Paper. The Hindu editorial wordlist, vocabulary, meanings and synonyms are very helpful for the IBPS Bank PO and SSC CGL aspirants. Candidates are requested to memorize some words every day. So that it will be useful to Crack the exam.

  1.    The bottleneck created by their lack of capacity has stifled regulatory
  2. Ever since the country adopted the new post-monarchy Constitution
  3. The goal is simple: declare it illegal for any country to produce, possess, stockpile, deploy, threaten to use, or use nuclear weapons.
  4. leading to nuclear disarmament in all its aspects under strict and effective international control.
  5. support efforts to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: make (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate

Synonyms: suffocate, choke, asphyxiate



Meaning: a form of government with a monarch at the head

Synonyms: sovereignty, autocracy, monocracy, absolutism



Meaning: accumulate a large stock of (goods or materials).

synonyms: amass, accumulate, hoard, cache, collect, gather



Meaning: the reduction or withdrawal of military forces and weapons.

 synonyms: demilitarization, demobilization, deactivation of arms/weapons



Meaning: a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act

Here, we are providing HINDU Editorial Wordlist, The HINDU daily Wordlist, Editorial column word meanings and synonyms in pdf format also. Candidates can download the pdf from the link given.

HINDU Editorial Wordlist 13 April 2017  pdf download


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