HINDU Editorial Wordlist 12 January 2019- English Vocabulary pdf


HINDU Editorial Wordlist 12 January 2019 and English Vocabulary based on The Hindu daily newspaper. Here we are listed the words used in The HINDU Editorial and providing the usage of words for easy learning. So that it will become very easy to improve vocabulary and learn new words.

English Vocabulary is the deciding factor in many Examinations. It has a major contribution in scoring. Candidate can get more marks with good vocabulary skills in no time. These words may appear in Bank exams ( IBPS, SBI), SSC Recruitment Exams (CGL), Railway Recruitment , Entrance Exams (CAT, GRE) and other competitive Exams conducted by state Public service commission.

The Hindu Newspaper Daily Wordlist 12 January 2019 pdf download

  1. Alok Verma opts for retirement, says natural justice scuttled
  2. Rao rescinds Verma’s orders
  3. Controversy mars Pune varsity convocation
  4. Bedi report dismisses pogrom charge
  5. Illegal mines operate with connivance of officials: SC
  6. Surgeons excise rare bone-eating tumour
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: run hurriedly or furtively with short quick steps.

Synonyms: scamper, scurry, scramble, bustle, skip, trot, hurry, hasten



Meaning: revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement).

Synonyms: revoke, repeal, cancel, reverse, abrogate, overturn, overrule



Meaning: a large formal assembly of people.


Meaning: an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that of Jews in Russia or eastern Europe.

Synonyms: night of the long knives, annihilation, extermination



Meaning: willingness to allow or be secretly involved in an immoral or illegal act.

Synonyms: collusion, complicity, collaboration, involvement, assistance



Meaning: a swelling of a part of the body

Synonyms: cancer, malignancy

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HINDU Editorial Wordlist 12 January 2019 – English Vocabulary pdf

The following words are taken from today’s Paper. The Hindu editorial wordlist, vocabulary, meanings and synonyms are very helpful for the IBPS Bank PO and SSC CGL aspirants. Candidates are requested to memorize some words every day. So that it will be useful to Crack the exam.

  1. Mexico has become a morass of partisan bickering
  2. that has stalemated the U.S. federal government
  3. public sector workers furloughed without pay
  4. contributed to the strident and crude anti-migrant rhetoric
  5. Disquieting decision: on CBI tussle
  6. disconcerting denouement to an unseemly episode
  7. whether he should be divested of his powers
Word Meaning & Synonyms


Meaning: an area of muddy or boggy ground.

Synonyms: quagmire, swamp, bog, marsh, mire, quag, marshland



Meaning: having reached a situation in which further action or progress by opposing or competing parties seems impossible.


Meaning: grant leave of absence to.


Meaning: (of a sound) loud and harsh; grating.

Synonyms: harsh, raucous, rough, grating, rasping, jarring, loud



Meaning: a vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something.

Synonyms: scuffle, fight, struggle, skirmish, brawl, scrimmage, scramble



Meaning: the outcome of a situation, when something is decided or made clear.

Synonyms: outcome, upshot, consequence, result, end result, end



Meaning: deprive someone of (power, rights, or possessions).

Synonyms: deprive, strip, dispossess, relieve

Here, we are providing HINDU Editorial Wordlist, The HINDU daily Wordlist, Editorial column word meanings and synonyms in pdf format also. Candidates can download the pdf from the link given.

HINDU Editorial Wordlist 12 January 2019  pdf download


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