APPSC Social History and Constitution 12 March 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC A.P Social History and Constitution 12 March 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Group-II Services Mains exam on 12 March 2020FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC A.P Social History and Constitution Paper.

Which centres was recognized by the archaeologistas microlithic implement centre?


Who was the last Ikshavaku ruler?


The Buddhist work which refers to Andhra Padhais?

Bhimasena Jataka

The Kolika guild of the Satavahana period belongs to?


Bhavaviveka was an acharya in the Buddhist vihara at?


The Jain Philosophical work Samayasara was composed by?


Who identified Sriparvata Swamy with Buddha ?


The foundation cream used by the Satavahana dancers was known as?


The Satavahana queen, who acted as a regent during the minorityofher son, was?


Which inscription of Pulakesin II refers to Mangalagiri as Mangalapura?

Marturu inscription

APPSC Social History and Constitution 12 March 2020 Paper

Chitrameli was the guild formed by?


Kalyanakaraka a medical work was composed by?


The Kapalikas emerged from the school of?


The main seat of the goddess Vasavi was?


Who had borne the title Abhinava Dandi?


The mother –goddess worshipped by the early Chalukyas was?


Who constructed the tank known as Kesari –Samudra?

Prolaraja I

What was theother name of Motupalli?


The main profession of Jayana, the authorof Nrittaratnavali was?

Gaja –Sahini

The most popular and favourite festival during the rule of Reddy rulers was?

Spring festival

A.P Social History and Constitution

APPSC Social History and Constitution 12 March 2020 Questions and  answers

Who ispopularly known as Andhra Sivaj?

Parvataneni Veerayya Chowdari

Who was the first President of Andhra Socialist Party?

N.G. Ranga

The Chalukya King who is said to have built 108 Saiva temples was?

Vijayaditya II

Who were Vipra –Vinodins of the Vijayanagaraperiod?

Brahmin jugglers, who provided in-door entertainment to brahmins only

Sangeeta Chintamani a work on music, was composed by?


The Kandachara department of the Rayas had dealt with?

Military affairs

Duggirala Gopala Krishnaiah raised a voluntary Corpse known as?


The first Police Station attacked by Alluri Seetarama Raju was?


Who praised Veeresalingam as the South Indian EswarachandraVidyasagar ?


After which movement TanguturiPrakasam came to be called as Andhra Kesari?

Simon Go Back agitation

APPSC Social History and Constitution 12 March 2020 paper with Key

What is the full form of DWCRA?

Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas

Widow remarriage Act was passed in?


Gram Panchayat meetingsare convened by?

Panchayat Secretary

When did PottiSreeramulu become a martyr?

December 15, 1952

Who was not a member in Gentlemen’s Agreement ?


The Kurnool Circular was drafted by?

Kala Venkatarao

On whose appeal Swamy Sitaram had given up fast-unto-death?


What was the main factor leading to Jai Andhra Movement?

Supreme Court’s judgment on Mulki rules

This legislation in APagainst indiscriminate digging of borewells is?


Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were set up on recommendations of?

Narasimhan Committee1975

APPSC Social History and Constitution Answers Key 12 March 2020

A Gram Sabha at the village level is?

An assembly where all registered voters of the village are members

Right to Privacy is contained in?

Article –21

The subject of Education is included in?

Concurrent List

Committee on Public undertakings is a?

Parliamentary Committee

Who elect the Vice President of India?

Both houses of Parliament

District wise Potential linked credit plans (PLPs) are prepared by?


International Women’s Day is celebrated on?

March 08

Who said the Indian Constitution is the elephantine size?

H.V. Kamath

The amending power of the Constitution of India is descried in Article?


Which writ give the meaning of  we command in literally?


The maximum numbers of Union Council of ministers shall not exceed?

15% of Lok Sabha Members

APPSC Social History and Constitution 12 March  2020 Full Question Paper& Key



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