APPSC Pharmacy 14 March 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Pharmacy 14 March 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Lecturers in Government Polytechnic Colleges (Engineering and Non-Engineering) in A.P Technical Education Service exam on 14 March 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Pharmacy Paper.

Which plant tissues is meristematic tissues?


Gum from Acacia Senegal is collected during the months of?

February and March

Auxin is a plant harmone whose primary function is?

To stimulate cell elongation

What happens when gelatin is treated with soda lime?

Ammonia evolves

Drug adulteration due to attack of microorganisms is termed as?


Which oil is used widely in the treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy?

Chaulmoogra oil

Which solution dissolves raw ccotton fibres with the formation of ballons?

Ammoniacal copper oxide

In which traditional system of medicine or drugs extracted in the form of mother tincture?

Homeopathic system of medicine

Which reagent used in the chemical tests for alkaloids yields yellow precipitate?

Heger’s reagent

Which results for the chemical test for Agar is incorrect?

When agar is warmed in a solution of KOH, a blue colour solution is formed

APPSC Pharmacy 14 March 2020 Paper

Who discovers oxyticin?

Henry Dale

Recemic mixtures is?

1:1 mixture of enantiomers

Bacteria was discovered by?

Van leeuwenhoek

……… is not included in Muscarinic actions?

Maintenance of tone of the skeletal muscle

……. Is not property of Cyclopropane?

Angle is 109.5 degree

…….. is not an adverse effect of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors?


Which macrolide is formed by semisynthetic conversion of erythromycin?


Edrophonium has a shorter duration of action because?

It can form reversible complex only with the anionic site

Which type of physical properties encompasses molecular weight?


Which process is used for the separation of a mixture of amino acids?



APPSC Pharmacy 14 March 2020 Questions and answers

Stronium-90 is?

A pure beta emitter

The reaction between an acid and alcohol produces?

Water and ester

……..  has the highest electronegative atom?


Which reagent is used in oppenauer oxidation?

Aluminium t – butoxide

What configuration can be determined using cahn – Ingold – prolong rule?

R and S configuration

Saline cathartics acts by?

Increasing the osmotic load of the intestines by absorbing large quantities of water

Iodoform is prepared industrially by?

Electrolysis of an aqueous solution of ethanol containing sodium carbonate and potassium iodine

………… is the incorrect statement regarding Diels Alder reaction?

Tetracyanoethylene is most reactive diene

What is the approximate molecular shape of phosphorous pentachloride?

Trigonal bi-pyramidal

Which vitamin helps in the absorption of calcium from GIT?


APPSC Pharmacy 14 March 2020 paper with Key

Sodium Phosphate in radiotherapeutics is used for?

Treating polycythemia vera

What is ideal pH blood in the human body?


Which is a high stable free radical?

Tertiary radical

Which drugs has pKa value of 8.6?


If aspirin is co-administered with warfarin, it?

Increase the effective concentration of warfarin in the body

Which is the target enzyme for the drug Desipramine?

Monoamine oxidase

A signature in the prescription does not include?

Direction to the pharmacist to prepare the prescription

Potassium hydrogen phthalate is an example of compounds used as?

Primary standards

The drug mercaptamine is used in the treatment of which condition?


Which metal is usually used to shield the source in the Geiger-Muller counter?


APPSC Pharmacy Answers Key 14 March 2020

What is an indiffusible substance?


Section 10 of Pharmacy Act, 1948, deals with?

Education regulations

Headquarters of the central drugs Laboratory is in?


The piggyback technique is used for?

Mini-type IV infusion

When dynamic viscosity is divided by the density of the fluid it gives?

Kinematic viscosity

When latic acid id added to cocoa butter this phenomenon takes place?


……….. is an ex-officio member of PCI?

Drugs controller general of India or his/her nominee

Govt analysts should supply the analysis report in?

Triplicate in form 13

Under te patent act designs copyrights comes under?

Intellectual property

Satellite Pharmacy is defined as?

Small pharmacy at each floor of hospital

The type of flow in which the velocity increases with the increase in shear rate is termed as?

Dilatant flow

APPSC Pharmacy 14 March 2020 Full Question Paper & Key


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