APPSC Journalism 28 December 2018 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Journalism 28 December 2018 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted ASSISTANT PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER IN A.P. INFORMATION SUBORDINATE SERVICE exam on 28 December 2018 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Journalism Paper.

The Congruity Theory was postulated by?

Charles E. Osgood

Signifier means………?

Signs and symbols

Media Framing theory was developed by?

Erving Goffman

Who said “Medium is the Message”?

Marshall McLuhan

Noam Chomsky is associated with the concept of?


According to Lazarsfeld and Merton, the mass media reinforce?

Social norms

The Cultivation Theory by George Gebner emphasizes on?

Heavy viewers and light viewers & Mainstreaming and Resonance

Who has worked extensively on Public Sphere?


Matching by constancy in research means?

Making a variable uniform for all the experimental groups

The presence of an artefact in a research study indicates?

Lack of internal validity

APPSC Journalism 28 December 2018 Paper

Likert Scale is also called the?

Summated Rating approach

Manuel Castell is the author of the book?

Communication Power

Robert Gunning is associated with?


Semantic Differential scales were originally conceived by?

Osgood, Suci and Tanenbaum

The positivist paradigm in research emphasizes on?


Triangulation in research is?

Combination of the qualitative and quantitative technique

The equivalency component of reliability is referred to as?

Cross-test reliability

The first chairman of the Press Council of India was?

Justice J.R. Mudholkar

‘Gamma’ in video camera technology refers to adjustment of?

Tone and contrast

Vox Populi is a term referring to an interview of?

People on the street


APPSC Journalism 28 December 2018 Questions and answers

F-stop is…………?

The size of the opening of a diaphragm

A large microphone boom on wheels is called?


Ivy Lee is associated with…….?

Public Relations

The work of Ferdinand De Saussure is identified with?


“Development Journalism” was coined by?

Alan Chalkley

The term Narrow casting is associated with?

Niche Audience

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward are associated with?


What is the correct sequence in the film making process?

Frame, shot, scene, sequence, film

News headlines in newspapers should be written around a strong?


When communication fails to deliver the intended message, it is called?


APPSC  Journalism 28 December 2018 paper with  Key

MOOC’s stands for?

Massive Open Online Courses

Gender is a…….?

Biological Construct

Kinesics is the study of?

Facial expressions and gestures

Journalese is term for?

Sloppy Writing

The picture of the Napalm Girl is associated with?

Vietnam War

In offset printing the plate image is transferred to?

Rubber blanket

The AIDA model of advertising is also known as?

Hierarchy of effects model

A cub in a newspaper organisation is a?

Trainee Reporter

The chairman of the first Press Commissionin India was?

J S Rajadhyakhsa

The SITE experiment was conducted in which of these states of India?

Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan

APPSC Journalism Answers Key 28 December 2018

21st Century Fox is owned by?

Rupert Murdoch

The first Indian newspaper was published by?

James Augustus Hicky

Manual Castells is associated with?

Network Society

Non-Parametric tests measure variables at?

Nominal level

Cronbach’s Alpha indicates?


Public Relations as a professional evolved from?

Press agentry

New media technologies have facilitated?

Interactive communication

The frequency range of FM broadcasts is?


Who has been credited with the creation of the first old style typefaces?

Nicholas Jenson

The ideological state apparatus were applied to the mass media by?

Louis Althusser

APPSC Journalism 28 December 2018 Full Question Paper& Key


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