APPSC Garment Technology 15 March 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Garment Technology 15 March 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Lecturers in Government Polytechnic Colleges (Engineering and Non-Engineering) in A.P Technical Education Service exam on 15 March 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Garment Technology Paper.

The treatment of Cellulosic fibers with strong alkaline solution is known as?


The cause for unbalanced lockstitch seam is?

Low extension

Super imposed seam is also known as?

French seam

Phulkari embroidery belongs to?


The special occasion sarees from banaras are called?


Wool embroidery means?


Karan phool means?

A flower for the years

A potola is often used as wedding sari in?


A very popular art form of Himachal Pradesh is?

Chamba handkerchief

Pochampally sarees belongs to?


Haryan shawl is known as?


Which dyes has no direct affinity for cotton?


In degumming of silk, Which is removed from raw silk?


Which is not a style of printing?

Transfer Printing

Knitted fabrics are commonly died in?


APPSC Garment Technology 15 March 2020 Paper

The enzyme that can be used to removes residual peroxide after bleaching is called?


Which makes a blue coloured complex with iodine?


Resist salt is the commercial name of?

Sodium formaldehyde Sulfoxylate

The carrier used in disperse dyeing is?


Among the treatment Processes, 90% of  bod of effluent can be reduced by?

Aerated lagoons

The percentage of moisture absorption at 65% RH ( Relative Humidity) is least in?


Which curls away when approaching flame?


Abaca fibre can be classified as?

Leaf fibre

Felting is observe in?


Mature cotton fibres have average degree of cell wall thickening of about?


Garment Technology

APPSC Garment Technology 15 March 2020 Questions and answers

Uniformity ratio is the ratio of?

50% span length and 2.5% span length

Sectional warping is used to prepare?

Coloured warp

The terry tower fabric is?

A wrap pile structure with two series of warp and one series of weft yarn

Soil burial test is used for checking the efficiency of?

Rot proofing

The fabric test length in case of a Strip test is?

8 inches

Which is a secondary effluent treatment process?

Trickling filter

Black doubling of fibres is higher in ………. Spinning system?


Which is a 2 order transition?

Glass transition

In a card the maximum fibre individualization occurred between?

Cylinder and flat

The Zone of the extruder in which mostly melt is homogenised and has a drag flow is?

Metering zone

APPSC Garment Technology 15 March 2020 paper with Key

Class 300 is?

Lock stitch

The purpose of using pressurised steam is to?

Relax the fibre structure

Class 600 is called?

Cover stitch

Which type of auto levelers is used as carding machine?

Closed loop long term

The most commonly used discharging agent is?

Formaldehyde sulphoxalates

Trianzynyl type reactive dye reacts with cellulose by?

Nucleophilic Substitution reaction

Tertiary treatment of textile effluent is?

RO Process

The seam used for yokes is known as?

Lopped seam

The type of finish that gives a flat surface and prevents raveling is called?

Over – casting seam finishing

The bad in a textile processing industry is greatly reduced at?

Secondary Treatment

The best penetration of material being sewn is provided by?


In seawing threads will the abrasion resistance be higher?


Which type of stitch is used for long sewing in jeans and trousers?

Stitch type – 401

The role of magnesium chloride in urea formaldehyde finishing of cotton fabric is?


The process in which dye molecules in the dye bath move towards the fibre is called?


The type of permanent stitch that varies in length and tension is known as?

Regulation stitch

APPSC Garment Technology Answers Key 15 March 2020

Cording stitches are used for ……. Types of stitching?

Permanent creases

The French seam also known as the?

Super imposed seam

Ornaments in Kashmir are usually made up of?

Gold and silver

Kutch embroidery is not related to?


A vertical Knife is also known as?

Straight knife

The main stitch of sindhi embroidery is called?

Herringbone stitch

When the outer fabric lies on the top of the fusible, it is known as?

Reverse fusing

Which standard is used for the calculation of small colour differences?

BS 6923:1988

In ……….. of Zip, the stitching cannot be seen on the right side of the opening?

Invisible type

The distance between the upper and lower surfaces of a stitch is called?

Stitch depth

APPSC Garment Technology 15 March 2020 Full Question Paper & Key


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