APPSC Electronics Engineering 14 March 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Electronics Engineering 14 March 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Lecturers in Government Polytechnic Colleges (Engineering and Non-Engineering) in A.P Technical Education Service exam on 14 March 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Electronics Engineering Paper.

Which transistors is affected by the static electricity?


The scale of PMMC and moving iron (MI) instrument, respectively, is?

Linear, non-linear

The term burden is referred of which type of a transformer?

Current transformer

The cut in voltage & forward voltage in silicon diode respectively are?

0.7 V. IV

Harmonics in three phase inverters maybe reduced with the help of?

Both passive and active filters

What is the multiplying factor of a wattmeter of 10A, 300 v having full scale deflection of 750 W?


APPSC Electronics Engineering 14 March 2020 Paper

………… having rotational motion element?

Inertia, damper, string

…….. is the correct input of controller?

Error signal

…… is a Null type of Instrument?


……. Bridges have high quality factor?

Hay’s bridge

……. Is the constant series of RC circuit?


The Bode plot slope is expressed as?


A semiconductor device TRIAC Contains?

Two SCRs connected in reverse parallel

In shunt generator, inter pole winding carries the?

Armature current

In the current transformer, the burden is expressed in the form of?

VA rating

Electronics Engineering

APPSC Electronics Engineering 14 March 2020 Questions and answers

The basic principle of Q- meter is?

Series resonance

Two input terminals of an op-amp are branded as?

Inverting and non – inverting

Which is the magnitude of unit impulse function at T=0?


The unknown low resistance of metal measured by?

Kelvin’s double bridge

In the forward bias of a diode, its depletion region?

Gets narrowed

The class A communication is applicable in the case of?

DC circuits only

What is the internal resistance of voltmeter & ammeter respectively?

High, low

The nodes in a signal flow graph are represented by small?


Property holds good for the system y(t) = sin (4t) x(t)?


APPSC Electronics Engineering 14 March 2020 paper with Key

The realization of full adder circuit is done by using?

Two half adder & one or gate

The Nyquist stability criterian requires the polar plot of?

Open loop transfer function

Which unit is accepted for measurement of magnitude in blode plots?


The purpose of an enable input on a multiplexer chip is?

Activate the entire chip

How many PN junctions are used in UJT?

One PN junction

Which is the advantage of pole zero cancellation while designing controller?

The system order is reduced

The signal flow graph is appropriate for which systems?

Linear and invariant system

Energy can be measured by using which meter?

Watt-hour meter

APPSC Electronics Engineering Answers Key 14 March 2020

In a wattmeter, the nature of pressure coil & of current soil, respectively is?

Resistive, Inductive

If both junctions of a BJT are forward-biased, then the BJT is in the …… region?


If the number of poles in a lap wound generator is doubled, then the generated emf?

Remains constant

A DC supply is applied to an inductive load. What is the nature of power factor?


When compared the N-channel MOSFET is better then the P- channel MOSFET because?

It has faster operation

In spite of the percentage of negative feedback, the control system still have a problem of instability due to?

Components used have non – linearity

Why are laminated conductors used in the current coil of electro dynamometer type wattmeter?

To reduce eddy current loss

Which converts an irregural shaped waveform into a regular shaped waveform?

Schmitt trigger

In a signal flow graph, loop which doesn’t process any common node are known as  …… Loops?


APPSC Electronics Engineering 14 March 2020 Full Question Paper & Key


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