APPSC Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 April 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 April 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Deputy Executive Information Engineers in A.P Information Service exam on 25 April 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC  Electronics and Communication Engineering & Paper.

An open circuited coil has …………?

Infinite resistance and zero inductance

In a RLC series resonant circuit at the half power points ……..?

The resistance equal to the resultant reactance

A two port network is reciprocal if and only if?

BC – AD = – 1

The stability factor is defined as?

The rate of change of the IC  with respect to ICO, keeping IB and βconstant

How many complex multiplications are necessary in a radix 3 decimation in frequency FFT computation?

2N log3N

While  increasing  the  device  temperature,  the  subthreshold  source  to  drain  leakage  current  of MOSFET will be …….?


If a bipolar junction transistor has β=100 and the collector currentis 40mA.The emitter current is ……?

40.4 m A

…… is (desirably) high for voltage controlled field effect transistors and low for current controlled bipolar junction transistors?

Input Impedance

APPSC Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 April 2019 Paper

The LED light is emitted because?

recombination of charge carriers take place

Voltage divider bias……….?

Can be essentially independent of βDC

The film technology provides greater precision in manufacturer is……?


A MOSFET differs from a JFET mainly because?

the JFET has a PN junction

A class A power amplifier delivers 5W to a load with an input signal power of 100mW. The power gainis…….?


For reverse biased PN junction, the current through the junctionincreases abruptly at ……?

Break down Voltage

Ideally, a dc load line is a straight line drawn on the collector characteristic curves between?

the VCE(cut off),andIC(sat)

The process is to arrange the atom in single crystal fashion upon a single crystal substrate is ….?

Epitaxial growth

Electronics and Communication Engineering

APPSC Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 April 2019 Questions and answers

The Notch filter is a …………..?

Filter to eliminate a single frequency in the inputsignal

The advantage of linear regulator is?

Accuracy Control

Which statement is wrong for ideal characteristics of opamp ……?

Slew rate is Zero

The switching regulator has…………..efficiency?


How many opampbased voltage comparators are used in 555 timerIC?


What is the breakdown voltage of the precision diode made up of silicon material?


An amplifier has a power gain of 23dB. If the input is 1mW, what is theoutput?


A regulator has a no load output voltage of 10V and a full load output voltage of 9.9v. The percent of load regulation is……..?


APPSC Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 April 2019 paper with  Key

A dynamic RAM consists of…….?

1 transistor and1capacitor

Which is known as flash converter ……..?

Parallel ADC

The access time of ROM using bipolar transistor is about……..?


Binary equivalent of gray code number10110101 is ……?


Given that IC7483 is a 4 bit parallel adder chip, how do you build a 16 bit parallel addercircuit?

by a cascaded arrangement of 4IC7483s

How might square wave be generated from a triangular source?

Pass the output of the triangular wave generator into acomparator

An 8 bit binary ripple up counter with a modulus of 256 is holding the count 01111111.what will be the count after 135 clockpulses?


A  100  stage  serial  in  serial  out  shift  register  is  clocked  at  100kHz.  How  long  will  be  the  data  be delayed in passing through thisregister?

1 ms

APPSC  Electronics and Communication Engineering Answers Key 25 April 2019

The return difference of A is?

1 +Ab

Lead compensator has a pole to the?

Left of Zero

A 10 bit DAC given a maximum output of 10.23V. The resolution is?


A 6 bit ladder DAC has input 101001. For 1=10V and 0 = 0V, the output is?


A method of selecting one or two parameters  using the root locus method iscalled as?

Angle of Departure

Compensator which adds negative phase to system over specified frequency range is called?


In an 8085 microprocessor, the shift registers which store the result of an addition and the overflow bit are respectively?

A and F

Despite the presence of negative feedback control system still have problems of instability because the?

components used havenon-linearity

APPSC  Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 April 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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