APPSC Computer Engineering 13 March 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Computer Engineering 13 March 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Lecturers in Government Polytechnic Colleges (Engineering and Non-Engineering) in A.P Technical Education Service exam on 13 March 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Computer Engineering Paper.

In NLP, the conference resolution is defined as?

Task of finding all expressions that refers to the same entity in a text

Which is a free implementation of the programming language prolog?


What is the extension of prolog source files?


…….. statements are not true about LISP?

It is machine – dependent

What will be the correct output of the below line when executed in LISP?

( Write line welcome to park)

Welcome to Park

………… is known as inventor of LISP?

John McCarthy

Full form of LISP?

List Processing

The component of CRT that is used to turn the electron beam ON and OFF is?

Control Electrode

In Computer Graphics, the aspect ratio is given by?

AR = Width unit/height unit

Which C graphic function used to draw a 2-dimensional, rectangular filled in bar?


………. Is an interpolation technique in 3D computer graphics?

Phong shading

In clipping which are valid for line types?

visible, invisible and clipped

APPSC Computer Engineering 13 March 2020 Paper

The transformation that changes the shape of an Object is known as?


Context-free grammar is a subset of?

Context sensitive grammar

An Input to the lexical analyser is?

Source language

In a compiler pass, ……. Is true?

Lexical analysis executes before Syntactic analysis

In mathematics which has right associativity?


How many bits are used to store significant in IEEE754 floating point format?


………. Is correct for finite automata?

It requires no stack

In a synchronous circuit, the present state is determined with the help of?


Express decimal. 341 as a 9-bit binary string in gray code?


The rules in expression are built up using which operators?

Concatenation, alteration and repetition

How many different reflexive and symmetric relations are there on a set with 3 elements?


Computer Engineering

APPSC Computer Engineering 13 March 2020 Questions and answers

For push down automata (PDA) …….. Statement is true?

PDA includes start state and initial stack symbols

Noam Choamsky’s classification, type 1 grammar is also known as?

Context sensitive grammar

For a deterministic finite automata (DFA) ……….. is true?

DFA includes both an alphabet and a start state

Which one is not a top-down parser?

Operator precedence Parser

The context sensitive language is recognized and accepted by a?

Linear bounded automata

Noam Choamsky’s classification type 2 grammar generates………?

Context free language

Unrestricted grammar generates recursively enumerable language and is recognized by?

Turing machine

One of the main limitations of a finite state machine (FSM) can be written as?

FSM doesn’t remember state transitions

Noam Choamsky’s classification type 3 grammar generates………?

The most restricted from a grammar

The recursive ennumerable language is generated by a grammar that must have a/an:?

Single non terminal in the left-hand side

APPSC Computer Engineering 13 March 2020 paper with Key

For the Keyvalue 123456789 and the partition size 3, the shift folding hash function h (K) returns?


Which one is a top-down parser?

LL (1)

Full form of DDA?

Digital differential analyzer

Find out the Optimisation technique used in this case?

Introduction variable and strength reduction

When the base class is publicly inherited, the public members of the base class become ……. of the derived class?

Not inherited

Which data Structure best describes. A number of bangles worn by a person?


……… Algorithms doesn’t utilize the divide and conquer strategy?

Map Colouring

The time complexity of Kruskal’s minimum spanning three algorithm is?

O(E log)

Which is not a benefit of smoke testing?

Integration risk and Maximized

…… defines the components of WWW?


APPSC Computer Engineering Answers Key 13 March 2020

In the Object-oriented design of software, what are the objects of components?

Attributes, names and operation

CMMI is a short form of ………?

Capability maturity model Integration

……… is not true about the waterfall model?

It supports back tracking

UML model describes an external perspective of the system?


…….. is not true about agile methods of software development?

They are Complex

…….. is not true with regard to NLP?

NLP is Predictable

Another name for lazy learning algorithm is?

K- Nearest neighbor

The false positive Rate (FPR) is defined as?


Which is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm?


It terms of machine learning, the correct full form of ROC curve is?

Receiver Operating Characteristic curve

APPSC Computer Engineering 13 March 2020 Full Question Paper & Key


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