APPSC Commerce 17 February 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Commerce 17 February 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Junior Lectures in A.P. Intermediate Education exam on 17 February 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Commerce Paper.

Which is not a Finance Function?

Sales Forecasting

What does the term YTM Stands for?

Yield to Maturity

Which is a type of debt instrument unsecured by Collateral?


Which is not a Leverage ratio?

Quick ratio

What does SWM IN Financial Management Stands for?

Shareholders Wealth Maximisation

Full form of EBITDA?

Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation

Which Formulas best describes PE ratio?

Market value per share  Earning per share

Which increases after repurchase of the company’s share from the market?

Earnings per share of the company

The enquiry available to common shareholders divided by the number of outstanding shares is called?

Book value enquiry per share

Funds that have been set aside for special purposes or to cover contingencies are called?


If the dividents are to be paid with in one year, then this liability is classified as a/an …….?

Current Liability

APPSC Commerce 17 February 2020 Paper

Which information is not obtained from the comparative Income Statement?

Future Profit

Net Operating Profit after Tax (NOPAT) is equal to?

PAT plus after tax interest

Which is not a tool/technique of Financial statement Analysis?

Comprehensive Analysis

Which is not a main liquidity ratio for a business?

Fixed charge coverage ratio

……… is one of the main operating efficiency ratios?

Inventory Turnover

The formula for Interest coverage ratio is ……….?

EBIT  Interest expense

Which Transactions does not affect the working capital in fund flow analysis?

Transaction involving one aspect of fixed asset and other of fixed liability

…….. is the change in price of a share for change in the return on the market as a whole?

Systematic Risk

………… deals with detailed sources and application of funds of the Business Concern for a Specific Period?

Fund flow analysis

Which analysis is an expression of the amount of financial statement items as Percentages of the statement total?

Vertical Analysis


APPSC Commerce 17 February 2020 Questions and answers

Which is not an application of the technique of Marginal Costing?

Forecasting of future sales, revenue and profit

The cost which varies with output is called?

Variable cost

The cost incurred for producing one extra unit of Output is called?

Marginal cost

Marginal Costs are derived exclusively from……..?

Variable cost

Which external factors studied in the SWOT analysis?

Opportunities and Threats

Rental, Insurance, depreciation, set-up costs come under which Category?

Fixed Cost

Which ratios equals the market value of a company divided by its book value?

Market too book financial ratio

Which term describes a market structure where competition is at its greatest possible level?

Perfect Competetion

A set of benefits, customs, practices and behavior that exists within a population is called?

Socio-culture Environment

Which is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations?

World trade Organization

APPSC Commerce 17 February 2020 paper with Key

The Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956 was based on which model?

Mahalanobis Model

The disinvestment process of PSU s in India began in the year?


Which PSUs has not been disinvested by the Government of India?

Bharat Electronics Limited

Who was the first disinvestment minister of India?

Arun Shourie

How many nations have signed the WTO Agreement till 29 july 2016?


When did India Became a WTO member?

01 January 1995

Who developed the Hierachy of Needs model?

Abraham maslow

As per Philip Kotler, which does not exist in the history of marketing?

Distribution era

Which is the first step in the consumer buying Process?

Problem recognition

An asset that can be converted into cash in a short time, which little or no loss in value is called a/an ……….?

Liquid Asset

APPSC Commerce Answers Key 17 February 2020

Who coined the term marketing mix?

Neil H Borden

The extended 7 PS of the marketing mix are?

People, process and Physical evidence

The term STP in marketing stands for?

Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning

Which is not a characteristic of a service as a product?


Which is not an Participant in Industrial relations?

Recruitment Agents

Which is not a duty of Human Resource Manager?

Prepare Financial information and its Audit

Which is not a method of one – the – job training?

Management Games

Which is not a step in the process of collective bargaining?

The creation of trade Union

Which is the main objective of performance appraisal?

Facilitating Promotion and salary increment decisions

Full form of GATT, which was letter replaced by the world trade organization (WTO)?

General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade

PPSC Commerce 17 February 2020 Full Question Paper & Key



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