APPSC Botany 18 February 2020 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Botany 18 February 2020 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Junior Lectures in A.P. Intermediate Education  exam on 18 February 2020 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Botany Paper.

The senescent chloroplast usually found in aging leaves is known as?


Standard deviation is the square root of?


Which has the enzymes of glycolate pathway?


Which monomers does not makeup DNA?

Deoxyuridulic acid

Hershey and chase showed DNA as genetic material using?

Bacteria and nacteriophages

The anticodon used in the initiation of protein synthesis is?


Which is not true about non-histone Chromosomal Proteins?

The NHC Proteins tend to depress genetic activity

During DNA replication, Okazaki fragments are formed on?

Lagging strands

Which has the ability to trigger cell cycle arrest and cell death?


Which is not a Characteristic feature of salivary gland chromosomes?

Transverse bands are not distinct

APPSC Botany 18 February 2020 Paper

Which is mutagens not involved in modifying Purines and Pyrimidines of DNA?


Which is not true about the characteristics of Chi-square distribution?

Chi-square value decreases with the increase in the decrease of freedom

Who first reported the Breakage-fusionbridge cycle in Zea Mays?

Barbara McClintock

Which is not a function of highly repetitive DNA sequences?

Not involved in crossing over

The joining of involved during RNA Splicing?


Which is not true about the advantage of RAPD?

It involves radioactive rays

Powdery mildew disease of pea is caused by?

Erysiphe Polygoni

Which character is common in bryophytes, Petridophytes and gymnosperms?

Presence of archegonia

Which does not belong to the Petropsida class of pteridophytes?


Which is a casual organism of a loose smut of wheat?



APPSC Botany 18 February 2020 Questions and answers

Development of an entire Sporangium from a single cell initial is known as?

Leptosporangiate type

Carrageenan, a carbohydrate mucilage, is extracted from?

Chondrus crispus

Aflatoxins, the most potent caecinogenic agent, was isolated from?

Aspergillus flavus

Which is not true about members of rhodophyta?

Food reserve products are laminarin

……… does aporocarp formation occur?


Compound leaves are found in?


Which is not a period of mass extinction?

Late cambrain

Which is the smallest among gymnosperms?

Zamia pygmaea

Which is not true about Sclereids?

They are more common in monocots

Which DNA markers can be used to distinguish between a homozygote and heterozygote?


APPSC Botany 18 February 2020 paper with Key

Which plants yield sandarac, a hard resin?

Cllitris glauca

Which is an artificial system of Classification?

Linnaeus system of classification

Which is not under the category of rejection of names according to ICBN?


The concept and terminology of apoplast and symplast were introduced by?

Much, 1930

Pneumatophores are characteristic of?


The inhibitory effect of oxygen on the rate of photosynthesis is known as?

Warburg effect

Borthwick and Hendricks (1950) coined the term?


According to ICBN, The start date for a valid name of an angiosperm is?

1st may 1753

………. Is an Effective seed protectant against pythium and Rhizoctonia?

Trichoderma hamatum

ATP from ADP and NADP from NADPH are regenerated during?

Calvin cycle

APPSC Botany Answers Key 18 February 2020

Which is a short day plant?

Xanthium strumarium

Which is not true about auxins?

Movement of auxins is non – polar

Methionine is the precursor of?

Ethylene biosynthesis

Which is not true about Cyclic Photophosphorylation?

Oxygen is evolved

Which is not true about the Hatch and slack cycle?

CO2 Compensation is very high

Conversation of glycaolate to glyoxylate occurs in the?


The leaves not falling but withering on the plant is known as?


Which has a role in delaying in senescense?


Which is not true about the Primary xylem?

The vessels of primary xylem contain tyloses

Which is not characteristics of cyanide resistant respiration?

cyanide resistant Oxidase has higher affinity for oxygen than cytochrome oxidase

APPSC Botany 18 February 2020 Full Question Paper & Key


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