APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer 26 August 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer 26 August 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Assistant Executive Engineers in Civil and Mechanical Engineering exam on 26 August 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer & Paper.

In which of the following city The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics is situated?


Blue Economy is related with?

Ocean Resources

Which country has hosted the 13th G-20 Summit?


Operation Greens’ is related with Ministry?

Ministry of food Processing Industries

Which city of India hosted Owl Festival?


Which Article enables High court to issue writs?

Article 226

Which cities of Andhra Pradesh are the part of Ease of Living Index 2018?


In which year Election Commission of India has introduced NOTA on EVMs?


Which was the first state to be re-organized on the basis of language?

Andhra Pradesh

When was Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) established?


APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer 26 August 2019 Paper

Tawa Project is associated with state?

Madhya Pradesh

Who has not been the governor of Andhra Pradesh?

Nikhil Kumar

In which year Telugu language got the classical status?


Amravati, the designated capital of Andhra Pradesh, was historical capital of?

Satavahanas Dynasty

Andhra Pradesh comes under which earthquake classified zone?

Zone 2 and Zone 3

Which state does not share a boundary with Andhra Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh

Which is a part of Union Territory located in Andhra Pradesh?


Which district of Andhra Pradesh has highest number of Mandals?


The Planning commission of India was set up in March, 1950 by?

A resolution of the government of India

In the union budget 2016-17, tax on coal was renamed as?

Clean Environment Cess

Assistant Executive Engineer

APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer 26 August 2019 Questions and answers

When does APCRDA has been formed?

30 th December, 2014

Which is the smallest Ocean?

Arctic Ocean

At the point of contraflexure is?

bending moment changes sign

Regarding the stability of a truss, the condition 𝑚+𝑟>2𝑗 is?


In case of pure bending, the beam will bend into an arc of a?

Circle For a conservative force the work done is independent of…..?


In 3 dimension how many degrees of freedom a fixed support have?


Kaziranga National Park is situated in which of the following state?


When was the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill passed in the Lok Sabha?

18 th February, 2014

A mild steel flat of width 100 mm and thickness 12 mm is bent into an arc of a circle of radius of 10m by applying a pure moment M. If Young modulus E = 200 GPa then the magnitude of M is?

288 Nm

APPSC  Assistant Executive Engineer 26 August 2019 paper with  Key

A member in a truss can take?

axial force

Modulus of rigidity is the ratio of?

shear stress and shear strain

If a material is heated up its Elastic modulus?


In Newtonian fluids, the shear stress is?

directly proportional to the deformation rate

The specific gravity of the mercury is?


If a material has identical properties in all the directions, it is said to be?


According to the maximum principal stress theory, the yield locus is a/an?


What is the number of non-zero strain components for a plane stress problem?


The volumetric strain at an arbitrary point on the surface will be?


A body exerts a force of 1kN on the floor of the lift which moves upward with a retardation of 1.5 m/s2 . What is the mass of the body in kg carried in the lift?


APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer Answers Key 26 August 2019

Major losses in the pipe is due to the?

Frictional Effects

Which object generates less drag when subjected to a flow field?


Navier-Stokes equation in fluid mechanics is derived from the?

Newton’s second law of motion

A Nozzle device is used to convert the?

Total energy to velocity

A floating body is said to be unstable if the metacentre (M) is?

Below the centre of mass of the body

A diffuser blades in the centrifugal pump is used to?

convert kinetic energy to pressure energy

Pumps are connected in parallel to increase the?


Check valve allows the fluid flow?

Only in one direction

If the flow field is steady, the fluid particle will undergo only a?

Convective acceleration

Resultant pressure of the liquid in case of an immersed body acts through the?

Centre of Pressure

In the category of flow meters, head loss is the least for?

Venturi meter

In an incompressible fluid flow, the density of the medium is?


For pseudoplastic non-Newtonian fluids, the apparent viscosity?

Decreases with increasing deformation rate

A water lake has a maximum depth of 100 m. If the atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa, the absolute pressure at this depth is?

1082 kPa

APPSC Assistant Executive Engineer 26 August 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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