APPSC Agriculture Officer 03 April 2019 Question Paper with Answers Key


APPSC Agriculture Officer 03 April 2019 Question paper with Answers Key- APPSC conducted Assistant Executive Engineers in Various Engineering Services exam on 03 April 2019 FN from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC Agriculture Officer Paper.

Castor oil has a very high percentage of?

Ricinoleic acid

Groundnut seed contains ______ % oil?


Which criterion used for harvesting of sugarcane?

Sucrose content more than 10%

Transplanting of healthy seedlings in Rice is done at this leaf stage?


Use of ______ controls the intensity of Phalaris minor  in wheat?


Highly drought resistant millet crop is?


Sprouted cereals are a rich source of?

Vitamin C

Triticale is a cross between?

Wheat and Rye

Nipping in chickpea is done for this purpose?

To enlarge branching

Which is not a Rabi season pulse?

Red gram

Rice variety released in Andhra Pradesh that is resistant to White Backed Plant Hopper (WBPH) is?


APPSC Agriculture Officer 03 April 2019 Paper

Best season for potato cultivation?


Sugar content in sugar beets is?

19 – 18%

Rabi maize receives _____ hours of sunshine than kharif maize?


Which is ranked as the world’s most serious weed?

Cyperus rotundus

Which is an aquatic weed?

Eichhornia crassipes

Which herbicide is not applied at the pre-emergence stage of rice?


Which of the following is a contact herbicide?

Paraquat and Propanil

Parasitic weeds on sorghum and pearl millet is?

Striga spp

Parthenium hysterophoruscan be controlled using?

Chrysomelid beetle

Predominantly used method of irrigation for coconut?

Basin flooding

Agriculture Officer

APPSC Agriculture Officer 03 April 2019 Questions and answers

Which instrument is used to measure relative humidity?


Furrows must be shorter on?

Sandy soils

Phosphate mobilising bio fertilizer is?

Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae

Which is not an attribute of organic farming?


Which is green leaf manure?


This herbal extract can be used as spray against moulds?

Chive extract

In India, standards for organic agriculture were announced in?


Permaculture is the other name of?

Sustainable agriculture

Red gram (Cajanus cajan) is  a _________ crop?

Often cross pollinated

The planting pattern that enables more efficient utilization of light, water and nutrients by individual plants is?


APPSC Agriculture Officer 03 April 2019 paper with Key

Soil that is rich in clay are?


Predominant soil type in Andhra Pradesh?

Red loamy soils

Soil order that is rich in organic content?


PCR technique was developed by?

Kary Mullis

This suppresses adventitious shoot regeneration in plants?

Auxins and Gibberellins

Ovule culture was first attempted in this plant family?


The crop that has tolerance to salinity (saline soils) is?


The first intergeneric hybrid Triticale, was produced by?


Average weight (in grams) of 1000 paddy seeds is?

20 – 25

How many plants have to be counted during field inspection of maize seed crop?


APPSC Agriculture Officer Answers Key03 April 2019

The concept of gene for gene hypothesis was first developed by?


Which is not an auxin?

BAP (benzylaminopurine)

Which is not a gram negative bacteria?

Bacillus subtilis

Legumes are __________ to poor aeration?


Which crop is an indicator plant for?


Browning of curd in cauliflower is due to lack of ________?


Glands used for defence (osmetria) by the insects are?

Forked glands

In the insects, the Johnston’s organ is present in?


Excretion of terrestrial insects is ?


Presence of organic matter ____________ particle density?


APPSC Agriculture Officer 03 April 2019 Full Question Paper& Key


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