APPSC 6 June 2017 General Studies Question Paper with Answers

APPSC 6 June 2017 General Studies Questions Answers - APPSC conducted Degree college Lecturer written Test on 6 June 2017 FN from 10.30 AM to 01.00 PM. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in APPSC General Studies & Mental ability Paper.

APPSC 6 June 2017 General Studies Paper

General Studies & Mental Ability

Events of National and International importance, Current affairs, Basics of General Science, Current developments in science& technology, Geography -World, National and Andhra Pradesh; History of India Ancient, Medieval, Modern; Indian Polity and Governance , Economic development in India, India’s  Economic  reforms etc.

APPSC 6 June 2017 General Studies Questions and answers

Events of National and International importance

1. What was the name of the large tract area allowed by British for santhals to settle and take up agriculture in Rajmahal Hills?

Damin -i- Koh

  1. Who led the rebellion of 1857 at Kanpur?

Nana Saheb

  1. on whose advice, Mahatma Gandhi travelled in British India for an year after his return from South Africa?

Gopal Krishna Gokhale

  1. Which incident made Mahatma Gandhi a true National Leader?

Rowlatt Satyagraha

  1. On what charge Gandhiji was sentenced to Prison in 1922?


  1. In British India, the constitution of provincial congress committees was based on?

Linguistic Regions

  1. In which district “Prati sarkar (Parallel Government)” was formed during Quit India movement?


  1. Why Dr. B. R. Ambedkar supported separate electorates for depressed classes?

Some sort of political power was necessary for them to protect themselves.

  1. Which event led to massive Swadeshi movement throughout India?

Partitian of Bengal

  1. Who was the Freedom fighter& Founder of Andhra Bank?

Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya

  1. Who were the two freedom fighters executed by British along with Bhagat singh?

Sukhdev and Rajguru

  1. Which event signified the commencement of Civil Disobedience movement?

Dandi March

APPSC 6 June 2017 General Studies paper with Key

General Science

  1. After eating which item, a person is likely to feel thirsty?

A packet of salted chips

  1. The beak of an insect eating bird would be?

Long and Sharp

  1. When ice is melting its temperature would?

Remain constant

  1. Example for near Zero pH value?

Acid used in Batteries

  1. Vinegar is?

Acetic Acid

  1. Which part of a cell is called power house of Energy?


  1. Which is the most commonly used method for cooking food?


  1. Which of the following is not a primary colour? (RED, Green, Blue, Yellow)


  1. What is the principle of working of Transformer?

Mutual Inductance

  1. Which chemical is normally used as “anti freeze” in cars?

Ethylene Glycol

  1. Which form of sugar is the main constituent of sugar cane juice?


APPSC 6 June 2017 General Studies Answers Key

Indian Polity

  1. What type of Democratic System is prescribed by the constitution of India?

Representative Democracy

  1. How many readings would a Bill go through in a House of Parliament before it becomes an act?


  1. A parliament Member can raise issues related to transgression of written and un-written rules of conducting the business of House through?

A Point of Order

  1. If a person is occupying an “Office of Profit” and wants to receive a title/ award from a foreign country, who has to permit?


  1. How many members are required for a party to be recognized as the opposition Party in Lok sabha?

1 /10 of Total strength

  1. What is the most important reason for huge pendency of cases in Indian courts?

Severe shortage of Judges

  1. An appeal against the awards of Lok adalat can be filed in?

There is no chance to appeal

APPSC GS 6 June 2017 Full Question Paper & Key in Telugu 

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