APGENCO AE Question Paper Key 23 April 2017 – Electrical& Electronics Engineering


APGENCO Electrical Engineering AE Question Paper Key 2017 – APGENCO Trainee Assistant Engineer Recruitment Exam held on 23 April 2017. Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited APGENCO notification issued to fulfill the Vacancies of Trainee Assistant Engineer Posts.

APGENCO Electrical Engineering AE Question Paper Key

APGENCO Question Paper key updated here now. Key for the Booklet Set code A available to download. Candidate should note that Each set of the Question Paper will have same questions in jumbled order.

APGENCO Electrical Engineering Question Paper 2017 – Set A

APGENCO Trainee Assistant Engineer Exam Pattern

Andhra Pradesh APGENCO Trainee Assistant Engineer Exam is an objective type test and the questions are of multiple choice. Question Paper consists of 100 questions of one mark each in the following topics

100 questions: 100 Marks: Time 180 Minutes

Section A: 70 Questions

Questions on core Academic curriculum of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Discipline

Section B: 30 Questions

Questions on Analytical Aptitude

APGENCO Electrical Engineering AE Key

APGENCO Electrical Engineering Key paper – APGENCO Answer keys available here in PDF format so that it is easy to Download Key. Candidate who has appeared for the APGENCO Exam can download APGENCO Trainee Assistant Engineer Answer Key for Paper Code A from the following links.

APGENCO Electrical Engineering Key – SET A

APGENCO Electrical Engineering AE Preliminary Key

Andhra Pradesh APGENCO Preliminary Key and Official Final Key will publish at APGENCO official website apgenco.cgg.gov.in. APGENCO Preliminary Key available now.

Candidates can Estimate their Marks with the help of Key. Students can also use marks for Rank Prediction. Candidates are advised to check the Key from the Official website only. The Final Key used for calculating the Score and Rank. To get the Answers Key candidate need to log on to the website and Click on Appropriate Paper Code.

Submit the Key objections if any to [email protected] on or before 27-04-2017 by 3.00 P.M

Here we are providing some of the questions that are asked on 23.04.2017

1. The main application of delta/zig-zag connected 3-phase transformer is to supply

unbalanced loads

2. The energy density of magnetic field in a magnetic circuit is

directly proportional to the square of magnetic flux density

3. A shunt generator develops stable output voltage if

magnetization characteristic is non-linear

4. When two alternators are operating in parallel, the cause for circulating current is

reduction in angular velocity of one machine

5. A synchronous capacitor is

an unloaded and over excited 3-phase synchronous motor

6. The main purpose of permanent magnet motors are

to avoid the need for field supply

7. The main limitation for power handling capability of short length transmission lines and cables is

thermal effect limit

8. Reactive power compensation in feeders leads to

improved voltage profile

9. The operating characteristics of a reactance type distance relay

a straight line for a constant reactance

10. Transient stability studies of a power system are usually carried out over a time period of

time interval of first swing

11. The swing equation for a synchronous machine is based on

 relative motion between load angle and stator magnetic field

12. The cascade amplifier is a multistage configuration of


13. An ideal Op-Amp is an ideal

voltage controlled voltage source

14. A type-2 system has zero steady-state error for

Ramp input

15. Accurate measurement of very low resistances is possible with

Kelvin’s Double Bridge

16. Dielectric loss in a capacitor is best measured by

Schering Bridge

17. The transducer with negative temperatue co-efficient of resistance is



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