Andhra Pradesh Schemes – APPSC 2017 Question Paper with Key


Andhra Pradesh Schemes – APPSC 2017 question paper with key. APPSC previous question papers with answers.  The following questions are asked in the Written Exams conducted by Andhra Pradesh Public Service commission in the year 2017. These questions given under the topic Key Schemes in AP.

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Andhra Pradesh Schemes Question Paper 2017

APPSC General Studies Question Paper will have multiple choice objective type questions. The questions will come from the following topics: Current affairs- international, national and regional, Basics of General science, History of Modern India, Economic development in India, Logical reasoning, analytical ability and data interpretation, over view of Indian Constitution, Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, Key Schemes in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Schemes | Key Schemes in AP

  1. Chandranna Bima scheme is an insurance scheme to cover death and disability in case of

Unorganized workers

Small formers

State government employees

APSRTC Passengers

The main object of the scheme is to provide relief to the families of unorganized workers in case of death or disability of the unorganised worker leaving the families in great distress

  1. ‘Panta sanjeevani’ programme of the Government of Andhra Pradesh is on the

Construction of farm ponds

Distribution of rain guns

Promotion of bio-fertilizers

Promotion of organic farming

  1. Approximately how many job cards were issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under MGNREGA scheme during 2016-17?

50 lakh

60 lakh

75 lakh

85 lakh

  1. what is the percentage of Expenditure spent on wages for unskilled labour out of total expenditure under MGNREGA scheme during 2016-17?





  1. Which one of the following is not one of the objectives of MGNREGA Act?

Providing Higher Education for Rural Youth

Strengthening Panchayat Raj Institutions

Proactively ensuring Social inclusion

Strengthening the livelihood resource base of the poor

  1. In which scheme are ‘Barefoot technicians’ engaged?

Health for all




  1. What is size of a Gram Panchayat in plain area in terms of Population, selection under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana?

1000 to 2000

1000 to 3000

2000 to 4000

3000 to 5000

  1. Which of the following works is not permissible under MGNREGA?

Fish Breeding Pond

Mini Percolation Tank

Compost Pit

Cattle shed

  1. Select the major programme that aims to provide road connectivity in the villages





  1. What is the name of the pledge Finance scheme available to farmers of Andhra Pradesh to store their products and get finance?

Rythu Bandhu Pathakam

  1. What is the amount of contribution per annum to be met by a woman member of a self-help group to avail the benefits of Abhaya Hastham Scheme?


  1. How many new pensions were sanctioned by the government of Andhra Pradesh in January,2017 under NTR Bharosa scheme?

3.5 Lakh

  1. How many members are required to form a self-help group under the structure of SERP?

10 to 20 members

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