Analytical Aptitude Question Paper 2017


Analytical Aptitude Question Paper 2017 – Here we are providing some of the questions asked in the various competitive Examinations. These questions cover the following topics: Simple Equations, Number System, Time and Work, Number series, Blood Relation, Time, Speed and Distance, Mensuration, Directions etc.

Quantitative Aptitude 

Analytical Aptitude Question Paper 2017

1. A sum of  Rs.700 has to be used to give seven cash prizes to the students of a school for their overall academic performance. If each prize is Rs.20 less than its preceding prize, then what is the least value of the prize?

(A)  30  (B) 40  (C)  60 (D) 80

2. In a class of 45 students, a boy is ranked 20th. When two boys joined, his rank was dropped by one. What is his new rank from the end ?

(A) 25th  (B) 26th   (C) 27th   (D) 28th

3. Two sets of 4 consecutive positive integers have exactly one integer in common. The sum of the integers in the set with greater numbers is how much greater than the sum of the integers in the other set ?

(A) 4  (B) 7  (C) 8  (D) 12

4. X can do a work in 10 days and Y in 20 days. If they work on it together for 4 days, then the fraction of the work that is left is

(A) 1/5 (B) 2/5 (C) 3/5 (D) 4/5

5. 5, 12, 17, 29, 46, 75, 121,   ?

(A) 185    (B) 196   (C) 192    (D) 188

6. Verve: Enthusiasm

(A) Loyalty : Duplicity   (B) Devotion : Reverence   (C) Intensity : Colour   (D) Eminence : Anonymity

7. Out of the natural numbers upto 127, how many are even numbers ?

(A) 62    (B) 63  (C) 64    (D) 65

8. Nurse Kemp has worked more night shifts in a row than Nurse Rogers, who has worked five. Nurse Miller has worked fifteen night shifts in a row, more than Nurses Kemp and Rogers combined. Nurse Calvin has worked eight night shifts in a row, less than Nurse Kemp. How many night shifts in a row has Nurse Kemp worked?

(A) Eight  (B) Nine  (C) Ten  (D) Eleven

9. Find the odd number among the following :

(A) 7  (B) 11  (C) 27  (D) 29

10. ‘n’ is a natural number. If n5 is odd, which of the following is true ?

(I) n is odd. (II) n3 is odd. (III) n4 is even.

(A) I only (B) II only  (C) III only (D) I and II 

11. What will be the next number in the sequence 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ___ ?

(A) 76 (B) 72 (C) 81 (D) 91

12. A is B’s sister. C is B’s mother. D is C’s father. E is D’s mother. Then, how is A related to D ?

(A) Grandfather (B) Grandmother (C) Daughter (D) Granddaughter 

13. There are six persons A, B, C, D, E and F. C is the brother of F. B is the brother of E’s husband. D is the father of A and grandfather of F. There are two fathers, three brothers and a mother in the group. Who is the mother?

(A) A (B) B (C) C (D)

14. If Z = 52 and ACT = 48, then BAT will be equal to

(A) 39 (B) 41 (C) 44 (D) 46 

15. A tailor had a number of shirt pieces to cut from a roll of fabric. He cuts each roll of equal length into 10 pieces. He cuts at the rate of 45 per minute. How many rolls would be cut in 24 minutes ?

(A) 32 rolls (B) 54 rolls (C) 108 rolls (D) 120 rolls

16. 4 men & 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it ?

(A) 35 days (B) 40 days (C) 30 days (D) 25 days

17. In a class of 100 students, 50 students passed in Mathematics and 70 passed in English, 5 students failed in both Mathematics and English. How many students passed in both the subjects ?

(A) 50 (B) 40 (C) 35 (D) 25 

18. A man on tour travels first 160 km at 64 km/hr and the next 160 km at 80 km/hr. The average speed for the first 320 km of the tour is

(A) 71.11 km/hr (B) 36 km/hr (C) 71 km/hr (D) 36.33 km/hr

19. In an examination, a student was asked to find 3/14 of a certain number. By mistake, he found 3/4 of it. His answer was 150 more than the correct answer. Find the given number.

(A) 190 (B) 250 (C) 280 (D) 350

20. A cube with all the sides painted was divided into small cubes of equal measurement. The side of a small cube is exactly one fourth as that of the big cube. Therefore, the number of small cubes with only one side painted is

(A) 64 (B) 36 (C) 24 (D) 12

21. Shyam walks 5 km towards East and then turns left and walks 6 km. Again he turns right and walks 9 km. Finally he turns to his right and walks 6 km. How far is he from the starting point ?

(A) 26 km (B) 21 km (C) 14 km (D) 9 km

Reasoning Ability


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